The National Student Survey (0405P1)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Education

Passed: 15/06/2009 | Lapsed: 15/06/2009

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • The Higher Education Funding Council’s New National student Survey (NSS) Initiative
  • The Current University of Southampton Student Evaluation Questionnaire (SEQ)
  • The 68% return on the SEQ in 2002/3 and the 70% return in 2003/5
  • That the NSS data will not be collected from Scottish Universities
  • The pilot study indicated a need for “further analysis of the effects of socio-demographic variables on response rates,” to be necessary, however at the time of this policy and the implementation of the Survey no such analysis has been published
  • That the NSS methodology is flawed
  • That the NSS does not adequately take into account the profile of students at each institution, this will lead to a mismatch in expectations from different institutions and therefore will introduce inaccuracy into the results. This will be to the detriment of Institutions with a recruitment profile of ‘higher calibre’ students’
  • The NSS methodology uses questions which are far too subjective to give reliably balanced answers across those institutions surveyed
  • The NSS is a poor tool for comparison of Universities
  • That the exclusion of Scottish institutions further calls into question the worth of the NSS as a tool for comparing Universities
  • That the NSS is designed to be a selection tool for students however it is not adequately linked with Institutional audit of the Research Assessment exercise and this will further limit the surveys ability to highlight Southampton’s’ strengths to prospective students
  • That the concerns expressed over data protection within this survey have yet to be adequately addressed
  • That the timing of the NSS could lead to students being harassed during revision and exam times in their final year
  • That the Union should participate in the current NSS (2004/5) at the discretion of the Vice President Education and the Union President
  • That the Union should inform HEFCE of their position regarding the NSS with a view to having the methodology significantly altered, of the NSS cancelled as a project
  • That participation in publicity work for the NSS post 2004/5 will be pre-approved by Education & Welfare Committee. (Or Education committee should this become 2 committees)
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