Money Matters (0405P11)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Student Life

Passed: 15/06/2009 | Lapsed: 15/06/2009

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  •        That the University is currently owed several million pounds in unpaid fees
  •         That in an attempt to recoup these fees the idea has been mooted to use personal tutors to give reminders
  •        Personal Tutors in many schools have developed personal relationships with their tutees and are the first port of call for pastoral care
  •        That Personal tutors are responsible for presenting evidence on behalf of their tutee to the exam boards which award them their final examination marks
  •        That most academics will resent being used as debt collectors for the University and therefore this approach is likely to fail and any reliance on it will lead to false confidence within the University accounts
  •        That Personal tutors’ relationship with their tutees will be damaged by the addition of this responsibility to their role
  •        That open lists of those students in debt to the University are unacceptable, in the same way that open lists of salaries of the University staff would be
  •        That the fees office already has access to student records and therefore a students email address phone number term time and home addresses
  •        That given the data the fees office has and their ability to contact students who are in debt to the University, there is an expectation inherent in the proposed practice that personal tutors will use their personal relationship with a tutee to extract payment
  •        That for those students in debt often the University is one of the larger debtors and therefore it is unacceptable for the University to provide money management advice or debt counselling and this should remain within the remit of the Students’ Union Advice and Information Centre
  • That the Union shall campaign that information on students financial status should not go further into a school than the head of school, the school manager and the school office
  • The Union will strongly oppose any attempt by the University to use personal tutors to inform students of their debt, or to collect money owed
  • That the Union will oppose and campaign against any attempt by the University to give debt counselling or money advice, as within the University this should be exclusively within the remit of           the Students’ Union Advice and Information Centre
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