Purchasing of Recycled and Environmentally Sensitive Materials (0506P11)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Sustainability

Passed: 14/06/2010 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • The recent motion (24th October 2005) to recycle white paper within the Union
  • The ability to reduce the negative environmental impact that the Union has by purchasing recycled or environmentally sensitive items
  • That recycled or environmentally sensitive products are of a comparable price and quality to ‘virgin’ products
  • That in recent years the Union has not done enough to minimise its negative effects on the environment
  • That practices to ‘Close the Loop’ such as purchasing recycled paper, pencils and other stationary items, even at an individual level, have positive impacts on the environment
  • To purchase paper with at least 60% recycled content
  • To use this recycled paper to, among other uses, print minutes and agendas for all Union meetings, after ensuring compatibility with printers/photocopiers
  • To recycle this paper after use (unless needed for filing/ reference)
  • To purchase for use within Union offices, and for sale within the Union shop, where economically and feasibly possible, recycled or environmentally sensitive options for all stationary and office equipment, such as rulers, pens, pencils, envelopes, folders, notebooks, post-its, marker pens and correction fluid
  • This should include the purchasing of refillable/re-usable (rather than disposable) items where possible
  • To look into the purchasing of environmentally sensitive cleaning products
  • To encourage the reuse of resources in the Union, such as using ‘scrap’ paper for notes before disposal, and using internal mail envelopes rather than a new envelope each time
  • To recycle all ink cartridges and toners where possible through facilities provided by RAG
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