Staff Student Protocol Agreement (0506P22)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Trustee

Passed: 14/06/2010 | Lapsed: 08/05/2013

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • The changes to the Staff Protocol which were approved by Union Council on 1  November 2004
  • That these changes included an amendment to 3.4 which now states “Members of the Union (exception sabbatical officers) should not give direct instructions to staff….”
  • That no members of the Union (including sabbatical officers) should give direct instructions to staff……
  • To amend the Staff Protocol Agreement so that paragraph 3.4 should now read:
    “Members of the Union should not give direct instructions to staff, verbally or in writing, and requests should be made via heads of departments.”


    The intention of this agreement is to ensure that the Union shall:
    1.1. comply with employment legislation at the time being in force;
    1.2. empower Staffing Committee (as specified below) to act with the full authority of the governing body of the Union, providing that they shall remain within the appropriate terms of reference;
    1.3. protect individual employees from breaches of contract on the part of the Union and from breaches of reasonable confidentiality in respect of their personal affairs;
    1.4. be protected from any interference in the conduct of its policy making by employees;
    1.5. promote an environment of mutual respect between members of the Union and its       staff


    2.1  Staffing Committee shall consist of the Union President (chair), the VP Media and    Communications, VP Academic Affairs, VP Welfare and Societies, AU President and the Senior Treasurer of the Union
    2.2  Meetings of the Committee shall be open only to members of the Committee and        such other persons as the Committee may in its absolute discretion determine
    2.3. The Committee will meet at least once each academic session
    2.4  The final recourse of all staff disciplinary and grievance procedures shall be an Appeal Tribunal consisting of the Union President, the Senior Treasurer and one other sabbatical elected by his/her peers
    3.1  Members of the Union should not discuss staffing issues in any committee meeting other than Staffing Committee, where all issues regarding staff employment will be determined
    3.2  If a student officer or member wishes to make a complaint against an individual member of staff, they should do so through the head of department. Complaints against a head of department should be directed to the Permanent Secretary or Union President.  After investigation one of the following courses of action will be taken:
    (i)   to take no further action;
    (ii)  to request that the issue be pursued informally as part of staff supervision;
    (iii)to invoke the formal disciplinary process as laid down in the Union’s personnel procedures
    The outcome will be reported to the student officer/member confidentially and a record of any action taken will be kept on the personnel file
    3.3. Neither officers nor members of the Union should make adverse public comment or judgement about the ability, competence, suitability or other qualities of a member of SUSU staff
    3.4. Members of the Union should not give direct instructions to staff, verbally or in writing and requests should be made via heads of department. The decisions of Union committees shall be conveyed as instructions, if required, by the sabbatical officers       through the General Manager or his/her delegates.
    3.5. Members of the Union should respect the terms under which members of staff are contracted to work and not make requests which exceed a staff member’s level of authority/responsibility
    3.6. Members of staff have responsibility for items of equipment and stock as well as furniture, fixtures and fittings – in this they are accountable to and through the Permanent Secretary.  Members of the Union shall not interfere with equipment or stock for which staff are responsible at any time without express permission of the head of department or Union President


    4.1.  Staff are expressly prohibited from playing a political role within the Union.  The policies of the Union are recognised as being determined democratically by the Union through its committee structure and, as such, warrant no direct involvement of the staff
    4.2. Members of staff are required to advise officers but should not unduly influence the policy making process of the Union
    4.3. Staff should not express comments or views to the media on Union affairs without the express permission of the Union President

    5.   GENERAL

    5.1. Sabbatical officers for the purposes of this Protocol Agreement are not deemed to be members of staff but elected Student Representatives
    5.2. Courtesy is expected at all times between staff and members of the Union, which should encompass a mutual respect for their respective roles in the Union
    5.3. Any breach of the Protocol should be reported direct to the Union President or Permanent Secretary
    5.4. Amendments to this Protocol Agreement will be first discussed at the Sabbatical Officer/Senior Staff Forum and passed to Union Council for approval