Employability of Southampton University Students (0506P5)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Student Life

Passed: 04/02/2014 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • The increasing number of graduates leading to higher competition for traditional graduate opportunities
  • The position of Southampton University in the HE league tables for leavers, at the bottom of the Russell Group
  • The work of the Careers Advisory Service
  • That Southampton University students, as a result of attending a top University, should be able to get the jobs that they want
  • That University should set you up for whatever you want to go on to do next, which involves equipping students with a set of transferable skills
  • Many students do not realise that the work they do in their courses is part of a bigger picture and they are developing the whole time they are here
  • The University worry that Southampton students are not portraying themselves as favourably to employers as they might
  • The Careers Advisory Service, although excellent, does not get the usage it should do from a large number of students
  • The Students Union and the Careers Advisory Service together would create a stronger team for raising awareness in the student body
  • Many students do not hear about events run by the CAS as they are not proactive in finding out about them
  • To mandate the VP Education to work with the Careers Advisory Service each year to raise the profile of employability in the student body
  • To publicize Careers Events on the SUSU website, as visitors to our website may not otherwise find out about them
  • To ensure that the University keeps this at the top of their agenda and push for them to develop the Careers Advisory Service in line with other Russell Group Universities
    Sorry, there are no Mandates for this policy