Sports Training Facilities for Societies and AU Clubs (0607P15)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Sports Development

Passed: 12/03/2007 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • That currently Societies are allocated 6 hours of training time in the Jubilee sports hall, compared to the AU which is allocated 31
  • That currently Societies are allocated 3 hours in the old sports hall, compared to the     AU which is allocated 17
  • That in all other University Sports Departments asked, those being: Manchester,           Nottingham, Oxford, Leeds, Cambridge, Bristol and Exeter, no Union or University has allocated regular training times for social, non-AU sport
  • That in terms of Society sports, Medsoc and its teams are a special case and would        need their training time protected
  • The Athletic Union is really struggling with sports facilities and many clubs are having to go without or book on a week by week basis
  • That SportRec have agreed to allocate ‘Union time’ in their facilities rather than   ‘Societies time’ and ‘AU time,’ if this motion is successful
  • That the AU is here to provide sport for students
  • That the Societies department is here to provide “non-sporting activities and shared interests”
  • To change sports and societies training times to ‘Union training time’
  • That ‘Union training time’ will be allocated by the AU President in consultation with VP Welfare & Societies, on agreement with SportRec
  • That Societies will still be able to apply for ‘Union training time’ but that they are not guaranteed space
  • That in terms of training time only, Medsoc will be treated as an AU club, with appropriate consideration given to the fact that due to timetabling they cannot take part in AU sport, the strength of their application and the numbers they have taking       part in their sports
  • That by allocating Union training time, the AU will either be able to increase the number of clubs and lift the cap on the AU or expand its current clubs so that they have more teams
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