Accommodation Provision for Disabled Students (0607P8)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Student Life

Passed: 11/12/2006 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • That the University currently provides high quality adapted accommodation for students with disabilities
  • That this year every room in Halls of Residence that is adapted for the needs of Disabled Students is occupied
  • That whilst a student without a disability is highly likely to vacate their room at the end of their first year, a student with a disability will often reside in their adapted accommodation for the duration of their degree
  • That next year no rooms will be vacated by disabled students, leaving the University with no adapted rooms available for disabled students.
  • That 3 prospective disabled students have already made in depth enquiries about beginning their degrees at theUniversityofSouthamptonin 2007/08 to date
  • That rooms that are adapted to the needs of a disabled student can be used by students without disabilities should they not be needed on a year to year basis
  • That the Unionhas the following constitutional aims:
    a)  To safeguard and further the educational, social and general interests of its members
    b)  To afford a recognised channel of communication between Students and the rest of the University
    (Constitution, December 2006)
  • That the Students’ Union believes in equal rights for all, regardless of sex, race, age, creed, sexuality, ability or political persuasion.
    (Equal Opportunities Policy, December 2006)
  • That theUniversity of Southampton should be an accessible source of Higher Education to all students.
    Sorry, there are no Resolves for this policy
  • To support the VP Welfareand Societies and SWD Officer in working with the University to provide a further 5 fully adapted rooms in Halls of Residence for the 2007-08 Academic season.