VC Interview Panel (0708P4)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Trustee

Passed: 10/12/2007 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • The President of Southampton Students’ Union has previously been a voting member of the Vice Chancellor’s interview panel
  • In the Autumn 2007 meeting of University Council, the decision was made to revoke the Students’ Union President from the voting interview panel
  • In the December 2007 meeting of University Senate, the decision was made to retain the Students’ Union President on the interview panel but revoke voting capacity
  • The Students’ Union President is responsible for representing the student body to the University
  • The Vice Chancellor has the capacity to profoundly affect the student experience, the University and the Students’ Union.  For example the funding of the Union, academic affairs, financial allocation and the development of the University
  • Students should be adequately represented at this level of influential University activity.  In this circumstance, the most effective way to do this is for the Students’ Union President to vote on the interview panel
  • The Students’ Union recognises the University’s support in allowing the President a position on the panel.  However, without a vote the Students’ Union President cannot adequately represent her/his students
  • That the Students’ Union President requests that University Council re-consider the       decision to revoke the voting capacity of the Union President
  • In the event of University Council denying the request, the Students’ Union appeal and/or campaign to re-instate the voting position of the Students’ Union President
    Sorry, there are no Mandates for this policy