Students' Union Role in Campaigning Against the Lifting of the Cap (0809P4)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Student Finances

Passed: 17/11/2008 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • John Denham is the current Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills in the Government.
  • That there will be a review on lifting the cap on top-up fees in Parliament in 2009
  • The University of Southampton is a member of the Russell Group, of which the vice-chancellors have requested that fees should double following the review in 2009; (The Guardian)
  • Figures from the national audit office show that more than 100,000 students are unable to continue into their 3rd year of study
  • According to a survey by the Learning and Skills Network (LSN) commissioned by the National Union for Students, two thirds of students support themselves with part-time jobs, and most work more than fifteen hours a week
  • A recent NUS report stated that the average graduate debt for current entrants is likely to be £22,000
  • Policy D3.1 of the Union Council Constitution as amended by Union Council on 10 March 2008.
  • That the lifting of the cap on top up fees will have a substantial impact on the student experience
  • SUSU policy and action on any issue should be dictated by what is in the interests of its members
  • When determining Union policy and action on matters of great importance such as the lifting of the cap on top-up fees, Union Council must base its decisions on a firm consultation with the student body
  • To mandate the Vice President Education and Representation to consult the student body to determine its stance on lifting the cap on top up fees and what action should be taken if any
  • To mandate the Vice President Education and Representation to report the findings of this consultation to Union Council at its’ meeting in February 2009, with a view to bring about any necessary policy decisions
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