Private Rented Society (0910P23)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Student Communities

Passed: 26/04/2010 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • Private Rented Society acts as a JCR for those students unable to get into University Halls of residence
  • As the JCR budget comes from a payment from the halls fees of each student it would be inappropriate to use this money to fund activities for those not in halls of residence who have not paid the same amount
  • First year students living in Private Rented Accommodation do not receive the same opportunity to make large numbers of friends, access pastoral support from Residents Support, or have their social and welfare needs catered for by a JCR
  • Private Rented Society was set up in January 2009 to provide social activities for students in Private Rented Accommodation
  • In response to the high numbers of students who were not accepted into halls in August and September 2009 Private Rented Society worked with VP Welfare and Societies and the University Accommodation Office to run ‘Private Rented Open Days’. These created an opportunity for students who didn’t get a place in halls to come the Students’ Union, receive professional advice on house hunting, and also to hear from students who were in the same position the previous year, thus doing much to allay the apprehension felt by students who often feel distressed when they discover they have not received a place in halls
  • Private Rented Society also performed the same role as a JCR throughout the year, running social functions and providing a point of contact between students and the Union
  • Private Rented Society although existing within the Societies Department actually provides the a similar service to the JCRs and should be treated as an extension of this department
  • The responsibility of a JCR to its members exceeds that of a Society to its members and this is reflected in the training, responsibility and budget given to JCRs
  • There should be some budget allocated from the Welfare budget to allow the Society to operate in its full capacity as a JCR
  • JCRs act as an important part of Student representation and they have places on Union Council, Private Rented Society should be represented in the same manner
  • That Private Rented Society should be constitutionally equal to the JCRs in all respects excluding funding
  • A provision for the activities of the society should be made from the Welfare budget (suggested £200) however the society should also continue to self-fund and request budget through the societies department.
  • VP Welfare and Societies is mandated to liaise with the society and accommodation service to provide ‘Private Rented Open Days’ in August- September for those students who do not have a place in halls
  • That the process will be a gradual one and should be reviewed annually
    Sorry, there are no Mandates for this policy