Union Films (0910P32)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Creative Industries

Passed: 04/02/2014 | Lapsed: 27/03/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • Union Films is the Students’ Union cinema (and a student media department of the Union) run by students on behalf of all members of the Students’ Union
  • That Union Films is a nationally recognised and award-winning cinema film society.  It recently hosted a worldwide film premiere (The Disappearance of Alice Creed) and a recent survey of several hundred customers praised the current service, film selection and prices that Union Films offers.
  • There are only THREE national student cinemas that still show 35mm film and allow for students to be involved with the running and showing of films at a cinema, and that Union Films is one of these.
  • 35mm format films are available for showing films shortly after general release (long before normally available on DVD format), for equivalent cost but provides a far superior cinema experience, and that 35mm film is still the main method worldwide of showing a film in a cinema.
  • Union Films currently makes a profit of approximately £5000 per academic year from ticket and refreshment sales, and is run by student volunteers
  • The proposed SUSU facilities structure recommends that the existing Union Films office, which is used to prepare films and serve refreshments during screenings, become the new Events/Venue Office for the Venue Department and its 5 permanent staff, and that no suitable replacement facility be provided for Union Films
  • That providing a student-run purpose built cinema facility is one of the unique selling points of Southampton University and the Students’ Union.
  • That the cinema provides a professional cinema experience at an attractive price for members of the Student’s Union compared to other cinemas within Southampton.
  • To achieve and maintain this professional experience for all members of the Student’s Union, Union Films requires certain facilities other than the actual cinema and corresponding equipment.
  • That currently, all these requirements are met solely by the Union Films office.
  • That any facilities strategy should result in the best quality of service, facilities and experience that can be provided to the members of the Students’ Union.
  • That providing opportunities for students to volunteer and become involved with the Students’ Union is in line with the highest ideals of a Students’ Union, and that Union Films provides a unique form of such an opportunity matched only by two other students’ unions nationwide.
  • That it is desirable Union Films continues to show 35mm films rather than DVDs due to the better film selection (and availability), the prohibitive costs of switching to DVD-only showings without any loss of the current level of service the cinema provides, and that learning how to project a 35mm film is one of the unique experiences Union Films offers to students.
  • To ensure that any Union facilities strategy will not result in any detriment to the current service provided by Union Films to its members and the operation of the cinema
  • To mandate the Union President and/or Vice President Media & Communications to liaise with the Union Films committee and relevant Union staff on any facilities strategy that could affect the operations of Union Films and ensure a suitable solution is found that maintains the current service and opportunities offered by Union Films
    Sorry, there are no Mandates for this policy