VP Events and Commercial Services (0910P36)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Trustee

Passed: 13/05/2010 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • SUSU is a student led organisation whose profits go back into the AU, Societies, Media, Community Volunteering, JCR, RAG and other Student Activities.
  • The continuing issues with the Graduation Ball.
  • The £180,000 investment in SUSU Cafe, yet no increase in profit.
  • The consistent poor performance of the Travel Centre, losing over £180,000 over the previous 5           years
  • The new role of Finance and Commercial Sabbatical Officer at Sheffield (Best Students’ Union in the country) and Cardiff who recently made a £100,000 on food initiatives as directed by the new Officer.
  • The consistent poor performance of the Venue, budgeted to lose £90,000 this year.
  • SUSU’s recent acquisition of the Hall’s Bar.
  • Legal Requirement to register as a charity.
  • The lack of accountability of the current Events and Commercial Structure.
  • No student officer is currently responsible for Events and Commercial Activities.
  • The fantastic education a lot of our students receive in business activities.
  • That no Sabbatical Officer is responsible for the Environmental actions of the Union.
  • That the Union Commercial Activities should be accountable to its members.
  • That a Student Officer should direct the Commercial Activities of the Union.
  • That profit raised from Events and Commercial Activities should be reinvested into Students Activities (JCRs, Societies, AU, RAG, and Community Volunteering).
  • That Events should be directed by students.
  • That environmental issues are fundamental and the Students’ Union should act to minimise its impact and promote its members to do so too.
  • That policy motion A1.9 (26 April 2010) ''Restructuring of current Sabbatical Positions'' be repealed.  That the issues and duties regarded in this policy and policy A1.9 be considered as a priority in a review of all sabbatical positions.
  • That the new Sabbatical team conducts and publishes an in-depth review of the benefits and limitations of the current legal structure of the Union.  Currently it exists as a registered charity rather than a limited company and consequentially restricts its own commercial and fund raising activities and those of its clubs, societies and students both on and off campus.
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