Course Closures and Cuts (0910P39)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Education

Passed: 17/05/2010 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • The Vice-Chancellor’s new strategy, unveiled at the meeting of University Council on March 25th 2010 contains commitments to “Increasing income from research grants and contracts at a rate which exceeds that of our Russell Group comparators” and “Further develop our existing world-class research and disinvest in underperforming areas to improve our research competitiveness”
  • The financial strategy, unveiled at the same meeting, committed the University to “focussing academic energies on well-funded activity”. The annual financial review predicts a release of resources from disciplines that will be withdrawn from entirely, stating that this money will then be invested in other areas
  • Sports studies degrees will be phased out by the University over the next three years, despite acknowledgement from the Vice Chancellor that there were no problems with the way the subjects were taught
  • That the review document which underpinned the decision to disinvest in Sports degrees was not made available to staff, students or union officials during the consultation process
  • That even in a time of such financial uncertainty, a strategy which focuses only on the financial value and research quality of degrees is not in the best interest of students
  • That the University should assess courses in a more balanced way, taking into account the quality of teaching, the demand and the social impact, as well as the quality of both funded and unfunded research
  • That jobs throughout the University should be protected at all costs, and staff should only be made redundant or offered voluntary severance as a very last resort
  • That in the future the University should seek to be as open as possible when offering a consultation about course closures, and essential documents should be made publicly available
  • To officially and actively support any reasonable movement of students, staff or unions to resist cuts and closures on their courses or to the University as a whole
  • To independently monitor the actions and decisions of the University with regard to cuts or course closures
  • To provide consistent and clear information to the student body, in accordance with the duty under Union Resolves 2. above
  • To ensure the Student’s Union President votes against and speaks out against those cuts and closures which based on a sole desire to maximise research profit at University Council meetings
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