Tuition Fees (1011P21)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Education

Passed: 17/05/2011 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  •   Current policy D4.5 states that “Southampton University Students’ Union opposes any increase or lifting of the current cap on top-up fees in England and Wales”
  •    Since SUSU’s policy on Tuition Fees was passed in 2009, Officers have constantly engaged with the University and local MPs to fight for the interests of SUSU members
  •   Significant changes have occurred in Higher Education this academic year, with the Government essentially withdrawing the majority of public funding from the University
  •   In order to replace the money being lost from public funds, the University intends to raise tuition fees for the Academic year 2012-13 onwards
  •   SUSU’s fees & funding survey in Autumn 2010 indicated that 67% of students indicated that they would have been discouraged from attending University if the fees were higher than those when they began their current course
  •   That our membership opposes any raise in tuition fees
  •   That fee increases are fundamentally wrong
  •   That SUSU must continue to lobby locally and nationally on Undergraduate and Postgraduate fee issues in the interests of our members
  •   That SUSU has a duty to get the best value for students under the new fee regime
  •   To delete policy D4.5
  • Any nationally organised demonstration against a rise in tuition fees must be attended by our members, subject to Union Council’s consent
  •   To stand against any further fee rises in Higher Education in England
  •   To work with the University to ensure that students get the best possible value from their degrees in order to minimize the impact of the new funding regime.
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