Democratic Participation and Student Political Engagement (1011P22)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: External Engagement

Passed: 17/05/2011 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • The Union should do more to promote student involvement in politics and democratic participation both within the University elections and wider active citizenship
  • Recent involvement in local and national votes may have been adversely affected by a lack of publicity and information from the union about students' ability to vote/participate
  • The Union failed to notify students about polling cards in Halls of Residence Receptions for collection in the recent Local Elections and National Referendum
  • The Union failed to advertise recent elections and votes, such as the location of polling stations and the happening of polling
  • As a democratic organisation SUSU has a duty to promote wider involvement in politics outside of the union by promoting awareness and informing students about Local, National and European Elections and/or votes
  • The union should do more to tackle poor participation within the student population by encouraging and facilitating student voter turnout
  • The union should promote greater interaction between the student body, the university and the Union with the wider community and especially those standing for election to represent student constituencies and wards
  • Every student has the right to vote and the Union should see it as their responsibility to make every vote an informed vote - the Union, as a democratic organisation and an active promoter of internal student democracy, has a duty to promote active and positive citizenship among the student population through the promotion of civic duties in the wider community
  • A member of the sabbatical team should be charged with responsibility with the promotion of votes and elections at all levels
  • The union should promote non-partisan political activity through the encouragement of involvement in the democratic process by: notifying all students of any and all elections or votes within University constituencies publicise information about local polling stations inform all first year students of automatic voter registration and eligibility to vote in elections and advise older students of the registration processes inform all first year students about polling cards in student halls or individually deliver polling cards to every student Enquire about the establishment of polling stations on university premises at times of election
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