Review of Sabbatical Team Structure (1011P3)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Trustee

Passed: 13/12/2010 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • The Union AGM held in May 2010 passed policy requiring a full review of all Sabbatical Roles within the Union.
  • That the Sabbatical team of 2009-10 began this review and it has been continued by the Executive Committee of 2010-11.
  • That progress of this review has been blogged on the SUSU Evolve Blog (http://evolvesusu.wordpress.com/) with comments and feedback from students discussed at subsequent review sessions.
  • That after many months of discussion and deliberation, it is prudent to bring the proposed new structure to council in December 2010, to ensure that changes can be applied for the 2011 SUSU Elections.
  • Sabbatical Officers should reflect the constantly changing and diversifying needs of the student body.
  • That a review of the Sabbatical Roles cannot be considered complete without also considering the roles of other Executive Officers and trustees.
  • To dissolve the current Sabbatical Structure as of 1 July 2011 and create six new positions in their places.
  • That candidates will be able to apply for these six new positions in the 2011 Sabbatical Elections to be held in the Spring term of 2011
  • That the recommended six new positions, with their main areas of focus, are as follows:

    Union President

    -        Overall leadership of the Union
    -        Figurehead of the Union
    -        Chair of Trustees

    Vice President Academic Affairs

    -        Defend students’ academic and educational issues and rights
    -        Amplify student voice through academic representation system
    -        Promote academic awareness to students

    Vice President Sports Development

    -        AU Club Development
    -        Elite Sport
    -        Sports Participation

    Vice President Welfare and Communities

    -        Student Welfare
    -        Promoting Students’ involvement within larger communities
    -        Supporting particular student communities to enhance their student experience

    Vice President Student Engagement

    -        Student Led Groups
    -        Supporting Selected Union Standing Committees (JCR & RAG)

    Vice President Communications

    -        Leads Union Communications
    -        Leads on Democratic Processes and Involvement
    -        Supporting Student Media Groups

    Vice President Winchester and Sites

    -          The development of Winchester School of Art Students Union (WSASU).
    -          The development of a volunteer executive team for Winchester campus led by a volunteer Winchester president.
    -          To prepare the structure of the WSASU to be led by volunteers, with the support of SUSU staff, not a Sabbatical.
    -          To work with all satellite campuses and placement students to determine the support needs of those students.
    This position is to be in place for one year and is to prepare for the removal of the current position of VP Winchester and Sites.
    Vice president Winchester will be mandated to bring a proposal to the final council of the year for the future of support for satellite and placement students.
  • Constitution Committee to bring back to Union Council in January 2011 the detailed changes required to the Union Standing Orders to create these job roles.
  • Executive Committee to propose the changes necessary to the Executive Officer roles and responsibilities to complement this new Sabbatical Structure at the January 2011 meeting of Union Council.
  • That if passed the Union should advertise these 6 roles as soon as possible for potential candidates.