Executive Role Review (1011P5)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Trustee

Passed: 31/01/2011 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • Union Council’s decision on 13 December 2010 to amend the Sabbatical Officer roles (Motion 3)
  • Union Council’s resultant mandate to the Executive Committee to propose the changes necessary to the Executive Officer roles and responsibilities to complement the new Sabbatical Structure at the January 2011 meeting of Union Council
  • The requirement that Southampton University Students’ Union must register as an independent Charity in 2011 and as a consequence, the review of its governance structure, notably the composition of its Trustee Board
  • The removal of Administrative Officers from the new Standing Orders adopted at the AGM on 13th May 2010
  • That the role of Trustee requires a high level of integrity and commitment
  • That it is not feasible for volunteer students to effectively fulfil the roles of both Trustee and Executive Officer at the same time
  • That the structure of the political leadership of SUSU must be transparent and clear
  • That there is currently confusion, disparity and inequality between the roles of Administrative and Executive Officers
  • That the Executive Committee has a limited constitutional role
  • To make changes to the Governance structure by amending the composition of the Trustee Board, removing Executive Committee and non-Sabbatical Executive Officers and creating a new category of Student Leader incorporating a mixture of currently existing Executive and Administrative Officers to lead SUSU’s activities
  • To therefore amend the constitution as outlined below:

    A.           To amend the makeup of the Trustee Board: Delete Standing Order 2 clause 1.1 and replace with:

    1.1     The Union Management Board (UMB) is formed of the following people:
    (a)  President (Chair),
    (b) All other Sabbatical officers
    (c)  2 Student trustees with portfolio
    (d) 4 Student trustees without Portfolio
    (e)  4 non-members (appointed by Union Council)

    B.           To create the two student Trustees with Portfolio: Insert new clause 4 in Standing Order 2 – UMB, and renumber subsequent clauses:

    2.       Roles and responsibilities of trustees
    2.1   All Trustees will be expected to
    (a)  Fulfil all duties and responsibilities of a Trustee as promoted by the Charities Commission.
    (b) Be responsible for ensuring that the Union is administered in accordance with its Constitution, the associated Standing Orders and by-laws, and all current law as it relates to Students’ Unions
    (c)  Promote the Aims and Objectives of the Union on every campus of the University.
    (d) Act fairly and reasonably in the making of any decision.
    (e)  Act in the best interests of the Union and to not seek any personal gain from the term of office.
    (f)   Ensure that all property and investments of the Union are prudently and efficiently administered
    2.2 The Trustees with Portfolio will be:
    (a)  Ethical and Environmental Officer who will:

    Be responsible for implementing an effective environmental and ethical policy within the Union
    Monitor and take steps to ensure the Union’s activities and services have a minimal impact on the environment and are positively ethical
    Co-ordinate awareness campaigns and events around our ethical and environmental impact

    (b) Equality & Diversity Officer who will:

    Be responsible for implementing an effective equal opportunities policy within the Union
    Monitor and take steps to ensure the Union’s activities and services are accessible to all members
    Co-ordinate awareness campaigns and events around equality issues

    C.           To amend the timetable for elections, ensuring new Student leaders and trustees are included:  Delete Clause 6.1 (a) to (c) of Standing Order 5 and insert new:

    (a)  Sabbatical Officers
    (b) Student trustees (with and without portfolio)
    (c) Student Leaders
    (d)  Ordinary members of Union Council

    D To change the election for the Chair: Delete Standing Order 1 Clause 3.2 (a) and insert:
    (a)  Chair of Council (to be elected by cross-campus ballot)

    E To remove Executive Committee: Delete Standing Order 3 Clause 8 and renumber
    F To remove the existing non-SabbatiLS

    G To create Student leaders:  Insert new Standing Order 5 and renumber all Standing Orders:
     Standing Order 5 – Student Leaders
    Each of the Union’s student led activities has a Sabbatical ultimately available to support them and be held accountable for their work.  The direct student leadership comes from voluntary officers. This section describes who those leaders are and what their role is.
    Generic Student Leader Role Descriptions
      1.1     General 
    (a)  Student Leaders shall normally hold office from the 1st July for 1 year
    (b) All Student leaders are required to attend training in their areas of work.
    (c)  To conduct their work in a professional manner and uphold the reputation of the Union
    (d) To represent and promote the Union locally, nationally and internationally
    (e)  This list is not exhaustive; the officers may, from time to time, undertake such other duties as required by the needs of the post or as directed by the appropriate Union Committees or President.
    (f)   The individual responsibilities and major duties of the Officers are prescribed below, and reviewed by the Union at least once every three years.
    (g) No person who holds the position of Sabbatical Officer or Student Leader may hold any other office in the Union, safe for that as Trustee which they may stand for.
    (h) In the case of an Officer resigning or being recalled, the President has the discretion to appoint a member of the Union or any other Union Officer to act in the capacity of the vacant role.  A recalled Officer may not her/himself be appointed as the acting Officer.  Such an acting Officer takes office from when appointed until the result of the election for the vacancy is declared.  An acting Officer has no vote on any committee on which they are a member.
    1.2.              Student Representative
    (a)  To ensure that as much time as is practical is spent providing for and delivering to students at all the various sites of the University.
    (b) To actively engage with students, encouraging an ethos of participation & involvement in all Union activities.
    (c)  To ensure all students involved in their activity areas are fully aware of the relevant law, policies and procedures relating to their activity.
    (d) To report back on all activities undertaken to Union Council as required.
    1.3.              Work Responsibilities
    (a)  To work in partnership with relevant officers and staff in all areas of work.
    (b) To produce plans for the effective handover of duties to the incoming Student Leaders.
    (c)  To devise, submit and monitor all budgets in their activity area, to ensure there are no negative variances.
    (d) To act as a point of contact for Union members and external bodies
    (e)  To follow the Equality Policy of the Union representing disadvantaged and minority groups in all areas of student life, ensuring that they are able to play as full a role as they wish without fear of harassment or discrimination.
    (f)   To follow the Health & Safety and Ethical & Environmental Policies of the Union, ensuring our impact is positive.
    (g) To be held accountable to Union members
    1.   One Faculty Representative for each University Faculty
    1.1 The Senior Course Representative in their Faculty
    1.2 The co-ordination of the relevant student academic representatives
    1.3 Working with the aforementioned representatives and the VP Academic Affairs to represent student views to SUSU and the University
    2.   Postgraduate Students’ Officer
    2.1 Monitor and take steps to ensure the Union’s activities and services are accessible and welcoming to Postgraduate Students
    2.2 To represent the interests of Postgraduate students locally, nationally and internationally
    2.3 Co-ordinate events and activities that support Postgraduate students
    3.   International Students’ Officer who will:
    3.1 Monitor and take steps to ensure the Union’s activities and services are accessible and welcoming to International Students
    3.2 To represent the interests of international students locally, nationally and internationally
    3.3 Co-ordinate events and activities that support international students
    4.   The Edge Editor
    4.1 To co-ordinate section editors, writers and contributors to The Edge and co-ordinate the design and layout of each edition of The Edge
    5.   Surge Radio Station Manager
    5.1 To co-ordinate the operation and output of the radio station, and co-ordinate all DJs, sub-committee members and contributors
    6.   Wessex Scene Editor
    6.1 To co-ordinate section editors, writers and contributors to the Wessex Scene and co-ordinate the design and layout of each edition of the Wessex Scene
    7.   SUSUTV Station Manager
    7.1 To co-ordinate the operation and output of the TV station, and co-ordinate all technical and creative contributors and sub-committee members
    8.   Athletic Union Clubs Officer
    8.1 To oversee and co-ordinate general administration in the Athletic Union
    8.2 To assist the Vice President Sports Development on Athletic Union issues and with the development of the Athletic Union
    8.3 To take a lead in organising key events throughout the year that allow student groups to demonstrate their talents and skills
    9.   Sports and Health Officer
    9.1 To take a lead on issues affecting participation in sport and recreational activities University wide
    9.2 To co-ordinate participation and health programs
    9.3 To take a lead on schemes to engage with under-represented groups in the Athletic Union
    10.                Community Volunteering Officer
    10.1      Develop student led community volunteering projects
    10.2      Develop reward systems and social support for the volunteer
    11.                Halls of Residence Officer
    11.1      To Work with each JCR team to co-ordinate activities and support for students in halls of residence
    12.                Performing Arts Officer
    12.1      Represent and promote the activities of the Performing Arts Society to the students union and to the local community
    13.                Raise and Give (RAG) Officer
    13.1      Co-ordinate and approve all charitable activity within the Students’ Union
    13.2      Promote charitable causes and actions
    14.                Societies Officer
    14.1      Work with the relevant officers and staff to ensure the effective running of societies
    14.2      Represent the interests of societies
    15.                Student Enterprise Officer
    15.1     Co-ordinate and promote the enterprise activities of our students
    15.2     Promote the benefits of community volunteering within the student community
    16.                Union Films Cinema manager
    16.1      To coordinate the operation and output of the cinema, and coordinate all volunteers and sub-committee members
    17.                Southampton General Hospital (Site) Officer
    17.1      Work with the relevant officers and staff to ensure SUSU activity and services are accessible to students at this site.
    17.2      Represent the interests of students studying at Southampton General Hospital
    18.                National Oceanography Centre (Site) Officer
    18.1      Work with the relevant officers and staff to ensure SUSU activity and services are accessible to students at this site.
    18.2      Represent the interests of students studying at the National Oceanography Centre
    19.                Outreach (Site) Officer
    19.1      Work with the relevant officers and staff to ensure SUSU activity and services are accessible to students at this site.
    19.2      Represent the interests of students studying outside Southampton and Winchester
    20.                Winchester (Site) Officer
    20.1      Work with the relevant officers and staff to ensure SUSU activity and services are accessible to students at this site.
    20.2      Represent the interests of students studying at Winchester campus
    H. To amend the electoral qualifications of the new officers: Delete Standing Order 5 clause 5.1 and replace with (note: clause c will have been previously amended in the Sabbatical Role changes, and the previous amendment should stand):
    1.1  Only full members of the Union may stand and vote in Union elections; this is subject only to:
    a)     Candidates cannot hold more than one position and therefore cannot run for more than one election being run at the same time, except for election to the roles of Student trustee without Portfolio.
    b)    Students shall be eligible to hold only two Sabbatical terms of office within the Union after initially registering as a student at the University of Southampton. Sabbatical Officers shall be otherwise awarded equivalent rights of election as those given to non-Sabbatical full time members of the Union.
    c)     The VP Winchester is not deemed to be a major Union office in the context of the Education Act 1994; Part II Students’ Unions.
    d)    Only members of Council shall vote in an election held at a Council meeting.
    e)     The Constituency for certain posts will be restricted as follows:

    Postgraduate officer- Postgraduate Students
    Faculty representatives – respective Faculty
    Athletic Union Clubs Officer – members of Athletic Union Clubs
    International Students’ Officer – International students
    Performing Arts Officer – members of Performing Arts; Societies
    Southampton General Hospital (site) Officer – members who study at Southampton General Hospital
    Winchester Officer – members studying at Winchester
    National Oceanography Centre Officer – members studying at the National Oceanography Centre
    Outreach (Sites) officer – members studying at sites outside of Southampton and Winchester

    cal Executive Officers:  Delete Standing Order 4.9 to 4.17
  • Constitution Committee to revisit the entirety of the Standing Orders to ensure all inter-relations are resolved and report back to Union Council any decisive changes.
  • Executive Committee to carry out a review of the role and makeup of Union Council and bring proposals to the March Council Meeting.
  • The President to create a process which ensures all affected Standing Committees and current officers are consulted on the method, timing and constituencies for the elections of Student Leaders.
  • Constitution Committee to bring back the related constitutional changes to a future meeting of Union Council such that Student Leaders can be elected in the Summer Term of 2011.