SUSU and UCU (University and College Union) Strike (1112P5)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Education

Passed: 21/11/2011 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • Current policy D4.5 states that “Southampton University Students’ Union opposes any increase or lifting of the current cap on top-up fees in England and  Wales".
  • That the increase in tuition fees is only one part of the Higher Education White Paper which will result in the teaching budgets in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences being cut by at least 80%; part of an overall cut in the Higher Education Budget of £2.9 billion.
  • Thatthe University and College Union (UCU) state in their response to the White Paper that "Rather than improving the student experience these reforms will undermine academic quality and standards in higher education" and that "the greatest threat to the quality of teaching will be lack of public investment".
  • That a large part of the motivation for UCU industrial action on 30th November are the cuts in the teaching and overall Higher Education budget.
  • UCU strongly believes that the cuts in teaching and the Higher Education budget will have a detrimental effect on students at Southampton University.
  • That all our members, irrespective of which subject they are studying, deserve the highest quality teaching and support throughout their time at Southampton.
  • That the teaching that our lecturers undertake is vital for the future success of our educational development and as such teaching at the University needs to be adequately funded not cut by 80%.
  • That the proposals in the White Paper will have a detrimental effect on students' learning during their time at Southampton
  • That the Union should fully inform its members of the consequences of the White Paper.
  • That our lecturers and UCU need our support, as students, in their opposition to the White Paper.
  • That we should, on behalf of our members, campaign to oppose the cuts in the  teaching budget being proposed in the Higher Education White Paper.
  • That SUSU should inform students about any changes being made to Higher Education and any action being taken against them.
  • That, subject to Union Council approval, we should support our lecturers and UCU in any industrial action that doesn’t have a severe adverse effect on the student experience and that tries to protect the quality of teaching at Southampton University.
  • For the President to work with the VP Academic Affairs on ensuring that SUSU campaigns against the cuts being proposed to Higher Education in the White Paper.
  • For Education Committee to be responsible for taking a lead on informing students about future industrial action, and if mandated to do so, advertising SUSU’s support of any action.