Constitution Changes (1112P6)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: The Constitution

Passed: 06/02/2012 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • Constitution Committee minutes of 30th November 2011 and 8th January 2012
  • That Union Management Board of 4th October 2011 approved a report proposing improvements to the performance of the board including renaming itseld as “SUSU Trustee Board”.
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  • To amend the standing orders in order to achieve the  following:
     a)        Rename SO2 – “SUSU Trustee Board”.  Delete “Union Management Board” throughout Standing Orders (SO) and insert “Trustee Board”
     b)        Delete SO 3, Clause 3.1(d) to remove the VP Student Engagement from Athletic Union Committee
     c)         Moving all Student Leader elections, with the exception of the Post-Graduate Taught Student Leader (7.1(d)) as laid out in SO 6, clause 7.1 to the Spring Term, as follows:
    “7.4 The following positions shall be elected for the next year by cross campus ballot no later than the last week of the spring term, except by a decision of Council:
    (a)              Sabbatical Officers
    (b)             Student Trustees and Student Leader Trustees
    (c)              Remaining Student Leader positions”
    d)        SO2 1.1 delete “(c) 2 Trustees with portfolio (d) 4 Student Trustees without Portfolio” and insert “2 Student Leader Trustees (d) 4 Student Trustees”
    e)        Officer Team Structure to be included in SO 4, with the following add amendments:
    VP Academic Affairs
    “4.4 Supports the following Student Leaders:
    (a) Faculty Officers”
    VP Communications
    “5.4 Supports the following Student Leaders:
    (a) Surge Radio Station Manager
    (b) SUSUTV Station Manager
    (c) The Edge Editor
    (d) Wessex Scene Editor”
    VP Sports Development
    “6.4 Supports the following Student Leaders:
    (a)  Athletic Union Officer
    (b) Sports and Health Officer
     6.5 Shall be the Athletic Union President”
    VP Student Engagement
    “7.3 Supports the following officers:
    (a) Junior Common Rooms (JCRs) Officer
    (b) Performing Arts Officer
    (c) Raise and Give (RAG) Officer
    (d) Societies Officer
    (e) Student Enterprise Officer
    (f) Union Films Cinema Manager”
    VP Welfare & Communities
    “8.4 Supports the following officers:
    (a) Community Volunteering Officer
    (b) Equality & Diversity Officer
    (c) Ethical & Environmental Officer
    (d) International Students’ Officer
    (e) Postgraduate Students’ Officer (Research)
    (f) Postgraduate Students’ Officer (Taught)”
    VP Winchester & Sites
    “9.4 Supports the following officers:
    (a) Winchester (Site) Officer
    (b) National Oceanography Centre (Site) Officer
    (c) Outreach (Site) Officer
    (d) Southampton General Hospital (Site) Officer”
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