Facility Charges (1213P11)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Student Groups

Passed: 04/02/2014 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • Student Groups actively use a range of facilities within SUSU as part of the programme of events and or activities they run.
  • SUSU currently does not charge Student Groups for room bookings.
  • Some Student Groups are regularly charged by SUSU to use some of the facilities that are not included in core room bookings.
  • The aforementioned charges can be a barrier to Student Groups running events within SUSU.
  • Currently charges are not clear and easily accessible by all members.
  • One of the core aims of SUSU is to support its Student Groups, and hence support events and activities run by such groups. [IAW UP 6.4, 10.2]
  • The ability of Student Groups to run events within SUSU should not be severely constrained by financial charges faced for the use of SUSU facilities.
  • Student Groups should not face commercial rates to use SUSU equipment.
  • Student Groups should be supported financially with the costs faced for the use of SUSU facilities.
  • The charges faced by Student Groups need to be accountable to ensure they are reasonable.
  • Charges made for facilities must be transparent and able to stand up to scrutiny.
  • The charges faced by Student Groups should be clear and easily accessible to those planning events.
  • Charges to Student Groups for the use of SUSU facilities should be kept to a reasonable minimum.
  • SUSU should seek to reduce the cost of all charges faced by Student Groups.
  • The Student Groups officer will seek to reduce the price of all facility charges.
  • The Student Groups officer in conjunction with VP Democracy and Creative industries will annually undertake a review of all charges that have been paid by Student Groups for SUSU facilities.
  • The VP Democracy and Creative industries is to ensure charges for the use of SUSU facilities are made freely available online and updated annually. [IAW UP 10.7]