Leadership and Representation (1213P16)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Student Life

Passed: 08/05/2013 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • That currently, 54% of our members are women.
  • That since 2007, 38% of our sabbatical team members have been female.
  • That since  2007, 35% of our Union Councillors have been female.
  • That 2012’s women’s workshop was a great success, with 100% of attendees rating it ‘very good’.
  • That Union Council is designed to reflect and represent the membership of SUSU.
  • That according to the Union Council Review of 2010: “in order to represent everyone's voice, the day to day running of a SU must be conducted by the decisions of a relatively small number of students who “represent” a larger mass of members”.
  • That as it stands, places are reserved for specific under-represented groups on Union Council to ensure that those students’ voices are heard.
  • That we have a responsibility to our members to make SUSU as welcoming and safe as possible.
  • That there may be invisible barriers to women’s participation.
  • That the      under-representation of 54% of our members is problematic and is not conducive to a Union that aptly represents its members.
  • That without action, the problem of under-representation will continue to manifest and that it can’t be fixed by ignoring it.
  • That as well as immediate action, the problem of women’s under-representation needs to be looked at holistically and long-term to fully understand the barriers to participation.
  • To widen the participation of women in SUSU’s democratic processes.
  • To implement  initiatives that encourage women to engage in SUSU’s politics.
  • To ensure that our highest decision-making body, Union Council, is as reflective of the gender diversity at SUSU as possible.
  • VP Engagement to run a survey aimed at women students to find out why  there might be a lack of participation, if any barriers are faced, and how these barriers might be reduced.
  • VP Welfare to develop a leadership programme which will encourage students to run in  elections by equipping them with confidence and the necessary skills. This  leadership programme will focus on women students in the first year, and will be available to other under-represented student groups in subsequent  years.
  • Constitution Committee to ensure that in addition to reflecting student cohorts, the councillor positions listed in Rule 2 Decision      Making, 4.2 e & f, shall reflect the gender diversity of our members.   Each of the cohorts listed in 3.2e will have one position reserved for  each gender, and the councillors listed in 4.2f shall also reflect the membership with 50% of the positions reserved for each gender.