The importance of minutes to this Students' Union (1213P6)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Transparency

Passed: 04/02/2014 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • The Union has the      core values of democracy, transparency, inclusivity and sustainability
  • The Union has previously taken full minutes for its standing committees
  • Union members do request, read and make use of available minutes and that past and  present minutes are frequently referred to both formally and informally
  • There is sufficient  member interest  in the provision of minutes for standing committees
  • The role of Union Council in holding standing committees to account and reviewing progress through their minutes
  • The value of minutes as historical record of the unions activities and decision making
  • A project similar  to ‘TheyWorkForUs’ is in development to open up what SUSU does to the wider student body, which is dependent on minutes
  • Standing Order  3  on Standing Committees, 1.9:   “Staff support will be allocated for each Committee as appropriate to ensure that minutes are kept, papers   are readily available for members and attendance is recorded.”
  • That knowing what our standing committees do is an important part of a transparent and  accountable union and part of the role of a union councillor
  • That those who do not sit on a committee should still be able to take an  interest and understand what is being discussed in context
  • That students  leave every year and the union has a high turnover and that without  minutes, important ideas, discussions and proposals are lost with the people who leave
  • There is a tremendous amount of value in the minutes that we have collected in the past
  • The importance of  having the option to be able to read minutes surrounding a decision or action if it becomes necessary
  • That the value in   having minutes outweighs the cost of them being  produced, and that value is often long–?term not short–?term
  • That the future longevity and success of the  union will be hampered due to the resulting impact
  • That the decision  to maintain  minutes is a matter of  concern to the union as a whole
  • All  SUSU standing committees will take full minutes which will be uploaded to the minutes site within 3 weeks of the meeting 
  • That if minutes cannot be taken on the spot for a given meeting, the meeting is  recorded to allow written minutes to be produced subsequently 
  • Decisions regarding the dropping or changing of minutes will  be brought to Union Council before being  implemented to allow for discussion by councilors 
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