Constitutional Changes for Standing Committee Review (1213P8)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: The Constitution

Passed: 04/02/2013 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  •       Policy Proposal 1213P4, approved in December 2012, following a substantial review of the effectiveness of Standing Committees
  •       Standing Order 6 – Elections, point 7.4 ensures that elections for Sabbatical Officers, Student Trustees and Student Leader Trustees, Student Leaders must be elected no later than the last week of the spring term, to take office on 1st July
  •       Standing Order 6 – Elections, point 7.5 ensures that elections for Union Councillors except the open positions must be elected no later than the last week of the summer term, to take office on 1st July
  •       That PP1213P4 required the establishment of 8 zones and amendments to some student officer roles.
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  •       Delete old “Standing Order 3 – Standing Committees” and insert new “Standing Order 3 - SUSU Zones” (attached).
  •       Delete old “Standing Order 4 – Sabbatical Officers” and insert new “Standing Order 4 – Sabbatical Officers“ (attached)
  • In “Standing Order 5 – Student Leaders”: 
    a) Delete old “11. Sports & Health Officer” and insert new:
    “11. Sports Participation Officer
    11.1   To take a lead on issues affecting participation in sport and recreational activities University wide
    11.2   To co-ordinate participation programs
    11.3   To take a lead on schemes to engage with under-represented groups in the Athletic Union”
    b) Add new:
    “12. Wellbeing Officer
    12.1   To develop programmes to enhance the wellbeing of members
    12.2   To promote physical and mental health improvements affecting students’ lives”
    c) And renumber:
    “13. Nightline Officer
    13.1   To co-ordinate the activities of Nightline ensuring a high standard of service
    13.2   To provide a public face for the confidential listening service, allowing others to retain anonymity.”
    d) Delete old “16. Societies Officer” and insert new:
    “18. Student Groups Officer
    18.1   To work with the relevant officers and staff to ensure the effective running of student groups
    18.2   To ensure students understand and can access different ways of associating their groups and activity with SUSU”
    e) Reorder and renumber all Student Leader roles to group in Zones.
  •  In SO1 – Decision Making, delete “(f) Union Councillors (8) open positions” and insert “(f) Union Councillors (10) open positions”.
  • Change all references to Standing Committees to the relevant Zones and update all references to specific student officers throughout the Standing Orders.
  • Implement all these changes with effect from 1 July 2013.
  • Ensure all changes to the Standing Orders made subsequent to this motion being drafted are incorporated into the rules prevailing as at 1 July 2013.
  • Consult each society to agree which zone they will operate from.