Changes to Rule 10 (1213P9)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: The Constitution

Passed: 15/04/2013 | Lapsed: 04/02/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • That as a consequence of the Standing Committee Review, each Zone Committee received a responsibility for 'Developing and supporting Student Groups in line with Standing Order 10.
  •   Constitution Committee considered the now Rule 10, and agreed that in order to support these changes, extensive amendment to the current Rule 10.
  •   Constitution Committee has reviewed and submitted a revised Rule 10.
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  • To adopt into the SUSU rules the  proposal below from Constitution committee as Rule 10.
    Rule 10
    1.    Provisions for Student Groups
    1.1              Any group, club, association or society of Union members may be a Union recognised student group, subject to this Rule.
    1.2             A recognised student group may exist as part of the Union or as a separately constituted group affiliated to the Union.
    1.3             Student groups must meet the Criteria of Recognition specified in this Rule.
    1.4            Student groups may receive monies from the Union in accordance with the procedure outlined in this Rule.
    1.5             All members of the Union are entitled to attend any meeting or event of a student group, regardless of whether they are a member of that group or not, if the meeting takes place on Union premises or involves Union resources. Such persons attending shall be subject to any reasonable condition similarly placed upon members of the student group.
    2.   Criteria Of Recognition
    2.1             All student groups must meet the following Criteria:
    (a)   The student group does not duplicate the objects and aims of another student group or existing Union activity.
    (b)   The student group is not of a narrow nature likely to lead to a proliferation of groups.
    (c)   The student group has genuinely serious aims and objectives.
    (d)   Membership of the student group is open to all Union members.
    (e)   The student group has a written constitution or By-Law, a copy of which is held by the Union.
    (f)     The student group is viable.
    (g)   The student group must comply with all relevant provisions of the Articles, Rules, By-Laws, and Policies of the Union.
    (h) The student group is represented by a Zone Committee in its dealings with the Union.
    (i) Substantive changes to the student group are approved by the Democracy Zone. These include: name; zone; amendment to its constitution or By-Law; affiliation to external organisations; and other changes defined in the Democracy Zone By-Laws.
    3.   Recognition procedure
    3.1             It is the duty of the Democracy Zone to consider all requests for recognising a student group.  The Committee may resolve to adopt the group as a Union group, affiliate the group, defer the application, or reject the application.
    3.2            The Democracy Zone must act reasonably and properly in its consideration of requests for recognising a student group.
    4.   Derecognition Procedure
    4.1      The Student Groups Officer, or the elected officers of a student group, may recommend to the Democracy Zone that a student group is defunct.  In these circumstances, the Democracy Zone may derecognise the group.
    4.2      The Democracy Zone may derecognise a student group if it deems that the group does not meet the Criteria of Recognition.
    4.3      The Democracy Zone reserves the right to summarily derecognise any student group if the Committee deems it fair and proper.
    5. Finance
    5.1      A student group may only receive monies from the Union in accordance with the Articles, Rules, By-Laws, and Policies of the Union.
    5.2      The Union cannot guarantee to meet the financial needs of every student group, but will ensure an equitable system of funding allocation.
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