Officer Transparency (1314P13)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Democracy

Passed: 01/05/2014 | Lapsed: 01/05/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • Sabbatical Officer, Student Leader and Trustee candidates write manifestos when nominating themselves for positions in elections.
  • The time spent and research conducted to write these manifestos
  • Voters make decisions based on information written in manifestos
  • Sabbatical Officers write plans which are received at Union Council (Rule 2, 4.1(c))
  • A manifesto represents an election promise to voters
  • Members are able to hold their elected officers to account.
  • That upon entering office, many student officers are able to re-evaluate their ideas and goals upon receiving further information and training.
  • Publishing manifestos and plans online will increase accountability and transparency of the Union
  • The ability to ask questions to officers is an critical for increased transparency
  • That more work needs to be done to encourage Union Council to adequately “monitor the performance of Officers against their plans” (Rule 2, 4.1(d))
  • That these plans should supersede manifestos.
  • To lapse 0910P25 – Manifesto Transparency
  • To ensure that manifestos and plans are publicly accessible on the website after elections.
  • To ensure there is functionality for any member to ask questions of their elected officers online.
  • That Sabbatical Officers’ work is judged by their progress against plans which are approved and monitored by Union Council, and Student Leaders’ by their respective Zone Committees.
  • To amend Rule 2, 4.1 (c) so that it reads “Receive and approve plans from Sabbatical Officers and Zone Committees against their plans at the first Council meeting of each year”
  • Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries to ensure that plans and manifestos are both publicly accessible on the website
  • Sabbatical Officers to create and present plans for the first Union Council of each academic year, and Student Leaders to create and present plans for the first Zone Committee of each academic year.
  • Sabbatical Officers to include a progress chart of their plans within their reports.