Improved Leadership and Representation (1314P28)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Elections

Passed: 09/06/2014 | Lapsed: 09/06/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • The Leadership and Representation Policy (1213P16) requires Union Council to reserve roles for the male and female gender binaries.
  • Some women that have run for “female reserved” spaces have felt patronised as they were prevented from running against men.
  • Special attention was required when a trans-woman intended to run for a female space, and this election caused minor confusion amongst councillors.
  • Our Valuing Diversity Policy (1011P19) states that “every student and staff member is treated fairly and have equality of opportunity within the union”.
  • An idea submitted to the 2014 AGM proposing to extend the Leadership and Representation Policy’s practice of “boxing” gender roles received a net vote of -43 (69% of the vote being against) and was subsequently withdrawn.
  • An idea submitted to the 2014 AGM proposing to overturn the Leadership and Representation Policy’s practice received a net vote of +105 (83% of the vote being for), making it the fourth highest ranked idea.
  • Historically, abolishing segregation based on race or gender has been viewed as a progressive step towards equality.
  • That all members of SUSU, regardless of sex, gender, or gender expression, are equal and should be represented as equal.
  • Rigidly dividing elections between two genders creates an illusion of there being separate and incompatible standards for the same position and does not constitute “equality of opportunity”.
  • The male and female gender binary does not fully represent the members of SUSU.
  • Requiring trans people to prematurely out themselves, or demanding that those that do not identify with a gender binary chose a male/female space, for the purpose of election is wrong.
  • Elections are meant to emphasise the candidates’ competence and ability to perform their desired roles and not other characteristics.
  • To lapse the Leadership and Representation Policy (1213P16).
  • To widen the participation of women in SUSU’s democratic processes.
  • To implement initiatives that encourage women to engage in SUSU’s politics.
  • To continue to encourage the engagement of women, by requiring:

    At least 50% of the open councillor positions listed in Rule 2 (Decision Making) section 4.2(f) shall be held by self-identifying women.
    For each of the cohorts listed in Rule 2 (Decision Making) section 4.2(e), at least one position will be held by a self-identifying woman.
  • The remaining 50% of Union Councillor positions (as specified in sections 4.2(e) and 4.2(f) of Rule 2 (Decision Making)) will be open to any Full Member eligible under Rule 7 (Elections) section 6.1.
  • VP Student Communities to research reasons for a lack of participation amount under-represented groups, the barriers which these groups face, and methods to reduce and remove these barriers.