Union Films (1314P6)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Creative Industries

Passed: 27/03/2014 | Lapsed: 27/03/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • Union Films is the Students’ Union cinema run by students on behalf of all members of the Students’ Union.
  • That Union Films is a nationally recognised and award-winning cinema film society. A recent survey of several hundred customers praised the current service, film selection, special events and prices that Union Films offers.
  • That Union Films allows student volunteers to be involved with all aspects of the running of the cinema, including selling tickets and refreshments, design and distribution of publicity materials, and projection of the film itself.
  • After the cinema industry’s transition away from the 35mm film format, the Union has recently invested in a new DCI installation, allowing Union Films to continue to show films as close as possible after their mainstream cinema release.
  • Union Films is anticipated to make a profit of £12,000 for academic year 2013-14 from ticket and refreshment sales.
  • That providing a student-run purpose built cinema facility is one of the unique selling points of the University of Southampton and the Students’ Union.
  • That the cinema provides a professional cinema experience at an attractive price for members of the Student’s Union compared to other cinemas within Southampton.
  • To achieve and maintain this professional experience for all members of the Student’s Union, Union Films requires certain facilities other than the actual cinema and corresponding equipment.
  • That currently, all these requirements are met solely by the Union Films office.
  • That any facilities strategy should result in the best quality of service, facilities and experience that can be provided to the members of the Students’ Union.
  • That Union Films being entirely student-run is extremely beneficial for volunteer development, providing unique opportunities and commercial experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere in the Students’ Union.
  • That providing opportunities for students to volunteer and become involved with the Students’ Union is in line with the highest ideals of this Union.
  • To lapse 0910P32 Union Films.
  • To ensure that any Union facilities strategy will not result in any detriment to the current or future service provided by Union Films to either its volunteers or the operation of the cinema in the long-term.
  • Should there be any facilities developments potentially affecting Union Films, the VP Democracy and Creative Industries will liaise with the Union Films committee to ensure a suitable solution is found that maintains the current service and volunteering opportunities offered by Union Films.
  • That volunteering remains integral to all the operations of Union Films.
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