Longer opening hours for SUSU during the holidays (1415P12)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Trustee

Passed: 16/02/2016 | Lapsed: 13/05/2015

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • That during holiday periods, SUSU and its outlets are open significantly less than during term-time
  • That SUSU’s mission is to ‘Unlock the potential and Enrich the life of every student’ and that there are a substantial number of students in Southampton over the holidays
  • That a large number of students stay at University during all or part of the holidays including post graduates and international students.
  • That students on Pre-Sessional Programmes arrive in Southampton before the start of each academic year
  • Over one quarter of the University of Southampton's student population are postgraduate students - this accounts for thousands of students.
  • Many postgraduate courses (both taught and research programmes) require students to be present on campus outside of standard term times.
  • All students on Master's programmes carry out a dissertation over the summer period, and SUSU has significantly reduced opening hours during these times. PhD students work all year round, thus requiring continuous access to SUSU throughout the year.
  • Many undergraduate students and alumni SUSU members also wish to use the SUSU facilities over the weekend period during vacation times.
  • Physical activity is clinically proven to reduce stress and mental health problems. NHS guidelines on physical activity (found here: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/Pages/physical-activity-guidelines-for-adults.aspx) can be difficult to meet when SUSU's opening hours don't offer the possibility of use at the weekends, as students are busy with their studies during the week.
  • That SUSU outlets should be open for longer during the holidays
  • That the Union is here to provide services to its members and sometimes these come at a cost
  • Sometimes it is worth keeping Union services open even if they do not generate a profit as the Union is here to provide for all its members
  • There are different demands during different holidays and times during these holidays
  • Postgraduate students do not have adequate access to SUSU facilities outside of the standard term time. This is not good value for money for students that are present on campus all year round.
  • The extension of SUSU opening hours during the vacation, giving access to the Multi-Purpose Studio, Climbing Wall, Martial Arts Room, amongst others, will promote physical activity and wellbeing amongst the postgraduate population.
  • To look into the financial viability of opening SUSU and its outlets for longer during the vacation periods
  • To look into the demand of opening SUSU and its outlets longer during the holidays through consultation with students
  • That the Union is here to provide services to its members and sometimes these come at a cost and this should be taken into consideration when any decision is made
  • To investigate each holiday and various times during these holidays separately due to the differing demands 
  • The Union President to ensure that the Resolves are carried out starting with the 2015 summer holidays
  • The Union President to report back to Trustee Board with their findings and for Trustee Board to make the decision whether or not to extend opening hours
  • The Union President to take a report on the findings, the decision made and reasons for the decision being made to the first Union Council of the academic year 2015/16