Equality Impact Assessments (1415P2)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Sustainability

Passed: 08/12/2014 | Lapsed: 08/12/2014

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • 1.       Our mission is to unlock the potential and enrich the life of every student. Therefore we must strive to be inclusive to all students.
  • 1.       We want to prevent the piecemeal approach to tackling issues related to equality and diversity. We want to use a holistic, systematic approach to ensure all areas of SUSU activity are covered.
  • 1.       We have a Valuing Diversity Policy which states that we will:
    a)      ‘ensure that every student and staff member is treated fairly and have equality of opportunity within the union.’
    b)      ‘work alongside cohorts of individuals who may be subject to discrimination, prejudice and intimidation to provide a safe, welcoming and enjoyable environment.’
  • 1.       A fundamental part of valuing diversity is knowing where the inequalities lie.
  • 1.       An Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) is a tool used to improve access to activities for a diverse range of members, covering these areas; race & ethnicity, economic disadvantage, gender & gender identity, age, religion or belief, disability and sexual orientation. 
  • 1.       EIAs are implemented through a three-step approach: 1. Consulting with members to find areas for improvement. 2. Identifying our strongest areas and exploring best practice. 3. Establishing areas for improvement and implementing actions.
  • 1.       A successful example of EIAs in practice is the EIA for the Police, which revealed the need for a 999 text service for deaf people and people without speech.
  • Success stories from other Students’ Unions include: improved family- friendly facilities in their café, research and lobbying on attainment gaps, gender-neutral toilets and changing spaces, improved disabled access, increased SU participation among Chinese students and mentors for first generation students.
  • 1.       Inclusivity is at the heart of SUSU, it is important that we pursue this project in able to ensure SUSU is striving to be as inclusive as it can be.
  • 1.       There is a lot more we could do to ensure that every member of SUSU can participate fully in the services and activities that we offer.
  • 1.       The most holistic method of ensuring we give all members equal access to our offer is by running equality impact assessments across the organisation.
  •  To roll out EIAs across the organisation through the following process:
    (a)    Create a timeline to decide on an order in which SUSU activities and services will complete their EIAs.
    (b)   An individual in each area to complete their EIA with appropriate guidance and instruction.
    (c)    Progress will be monitored and reviewed to allow the sharing of learning points across SUSU.
    (d)   Embed an EIA at the start of each new activity, proposal, event, etc.
    (e)   Publicise and celebrate success stories!
  • To carry out EIAs using the following steps:
    (a)    Consulting with members to find areas for improvement, including focus groups.
    (b)   Identifying strengths in order to share best practice across SUSU.
    (c)    Establishing areas for improvement: each area recommend potential solutions for weaker practices.
    (d)   Equality & Diversity Committee to discuss recommendations and approve appropriate action.
  •  VP Welfare and Equality & Diversity Officer will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of EIAs following the process stated in Union resolves.
  •  Equality & Diversity Committee will be responsible for creating a timeline for EIAs for the next three years.
  • Equality & Diversity Committee will be responsible for monitoring and reviewing best practice from EIAs.
  • The EIA process will be supported by staff across the organisation where appropriate.