Staff Student Partnership Agreement Review (1415P21)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Trustee

Passed: 16/02/2016 | Lapsed: 13/05/2015

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • The previous Staff Student Protocol agreement, 0506P22 which was lapsed at the AGM on 8th May 2013, having been ratified on 14th June 2010.
  • The existing Staff Student Partnership Agreement, 1213P19 which was approved at the AGM on 8th May 2013.
  • Policy 1213P19 mandates Trustee Board to review the agreement on its 2 year anniversary.
  • That in line with Policy 1213P19, Trustee Board must lead on and deliver a formal review of 1213P19.
  • That this review should take in a wide range of opinions, from both staff and students.
  • That any disciplinary reports relating to Policy 1213P19 should be taken into account.
  • That the review process should consider awareness of the agreement.
  • To formally review Policy 1213P19.
  • To consult with both students and staff throughout the review.
  • The Union President (2015/16) to propose a Staff Student Partnership advisory group to the incoming Trustee Board (2015/16) in order to lead the student consultation on the review, and:

    That this group has up to 6 student volunteers
    The group is to be co-chaired by the Union President and a student Trustee.
  • The proposed advisory group to follow the following timescale:

    Review the current agreement and prepare a document summarising any proposed changes, for Trustee Board to review and present to Union Council in February 2016 for informal discussion as an ideas session.
    To prepare the full recommendations, for Trustee Board to review and put forward as a Policy proposal to the AGM event in May 2016.