Action Log (1415P8)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Transparency

Passed: 30/04/2015 | Lapsed: 30/04/2015

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • Union Council is the highest policy-making body within the Union.
  • Members of Union Council are responsible for ensuring that Sabbaticals, Student Leaders and other voluntary officers are held to account for their actions.
  • There is currently no consistent process for reporting progress on policies or actions to Union Council, therefore a lack of accountability
  • That there should be a central record of approved actions, accessible to every member of the Union. 
  • That actions should come from Council ideas sessions, Zone Committee and Sub-Committees and policy implementation.
  • That Union Council should receive a report on the progress of outstanding actions on the log.
  • That some actions are suitable to be included in the action log and reported to Union Council and some should be reported elsewhere.
  • To create a central action log to be reported to each Union Council.
  • To make the up to date action log accessible online to all Union members.
  • That as a minimum, the action log should have the following information included:
    ·        Date added
    ·        Title of action
    ·        Who added the action
    ·        Lead officer
    ·        Measurable outcome
    ·        Expected completion date
    ·        Progress since last meeting
  • VP Democracy and Creative Industries to oversee the creation and implementation of a central action log to be used from the first Union Council of 2015/2016
  • Democracy Zone Committee to decide criteria for which actions are relevant to be included in the action log.
  • Democracy Zone Committee to decide a process for adding actions to the action log.