Ron vs Union Councillors and Voluntary Officers (1415R2)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Elections

Passed: 08/05/2015 | Lapsed: 30/04/2015

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

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  • At the meeting of 25th February, a proposal was made to amend Rule 7 to require elections for Union Councillor to be run using the facility to Re-Open Nominations (“RON”). 
  • Although this proposal would have amended Rule 7, section 7.6.2 to require RON to be a candidate in Union Councillor elections, section 9.2 of the Rule still requires that where the number of nominations for a Union Councillor (or Voluntary Officer) position are fewer than or equal to the number of positions available, the candidates are elected.
  • This might cause the RON facility to be ignored, as in many cases there would still be fewer candidates than positions. Furthermore, this provision does not work with reflective place Union Councillors, whose potential allocation to seats may be impossible to determine until the result of their election is known.
  • Proposal
    We therefore propose amending section 9.2:
    (a) to remove the provision relating to Union Councillors,  so that RON will always be a candidate in Union Councillor elections, regardless of the number of nominations, and
    (b) to amend the provision for Voluntary Officers, so that in an election where RON is (by choice) a candidate, the elections goes ahead regardless of the number of nominations, but where RON is not a candidate, the candidate(s) will be automatically elected as at present.
    We also propose amending section 9.4, which makes provision for vacancies in positions elected at Union Council, to avoid the same situation arising.
    We are mindful that there are many aspects of Rule 7 which would benefit from review, and therefore commit to including this Rule as part of an Articles and Rules Review, which will be initiated by the end of this academic year.
    In Rule 7:
    a) For section 9.2, substitute:
    “9.2 In the event of the number of nominations in Voluntary Officer elections being fewer than or equal to the number of vacancies:
                (a) where RON is a candidate, the election will be run, and
    (b) where RON is not a candidate, the candidate(s) shall be declared elected.”
    b) In section 9.4, remove the sentence “This candidate shall be declared elected subject to the ratification of Council.”
    c) For section 6.2, substitute:
    “6.2     For all Sabbatical, Trustee, Student Leader and Union Councillor elections, re-open nominations (R.O.N) shall automatically be a candidate.
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