Events at WSA (1516P17)

Status: Active | Zone: Student Communities

Passed: 16/08/2016 | Lapses: 01/07/2018

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • 1.       The growth in the Union at WSA over the last few years, including in particular restarting student events.
    2.       The success of these events, including the recent Saints and Sinners Ball at the Guildhall.
    3.       That these events so far have been mostly student-organised and -run.
  • 1.       That the demand for events at Winchester will continue to grow, and that in order to meet this demand, greater support will be required from the Union in organising and supporting student events.
  • 1.       The Sabbatical Team shall plan and co-run one large annual event to be held in Winchester city.
    2.       The Winchester Student Committee (primarily the Events & Social Officer and the WSA Campus President) will oversee (and partner with) the planning of the event. The Union will liaise, find and compare the venues, music acts, entertainment and student groups relevant to the event.
    3.       The budget for this event will be decided each year by the WSA Campus President and by VP Student Communities. This will be taken from the allocated WSA budget.
    4.       The Winchester Student Committee will lead the discussion on date, location, timings, theme and the amount of student involvement to ensure that the event is relevant to Winchester students’ interests.
    Sorry, there are no Mandates for this policy