Pay-as-you-go gym membership with increased overall access (1516P22)

Status: Active | Zone: Sports Development

Passed: 02/08/2016 | Lapses: 01/07/2018

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • 1.       The university’s Jubilee Gym is the central gym serving 23,795 students and 5000 staff at its main Highfield campus, excluding the general public in the surrounding area (2014/15 figures).
    2.       A financial support package is offered by the university to its students from low income families.
    3.       Student Annual and biannual membership is offered at £155/£85.
    4.       Currently, only members can view and book Fitness and Wellbeing classes online.
  • 1.       A healthy, active lifestyle should always be encouraged and made accessible to every student through the fitness and wellbeing facilities offered.
    2.       There is a demand for more budget friendly health and fitness across the student body, particularly from those who cannot afford to pay for membership outright.
    3.       Owing to individual schedules, an annual/biannual membership is not always financially viable in terms of value for money compared to individual usage of gym facilities.
  • 1.       To provide Pay As You Go membership to Southampton University’s gym facilities, including but not limited to Jubilee or any of its satellite facilitates such as Mayflower, potentially using Student ID to ‘tap in/out’ to determine how much a member owes per month/week etc.
    2.       Allow flexible, non-contracted, pre-paid provisions to be added online to accounts etc, such as purchasing up to 5 sessions at a time.
    3.       Allow all students/staff access to either a Sport and Wellbeing website/app to view and book fitness classes.
    4.       Introduce more classes to combat the increased demand from Pay As You Go membership, so as to ensure wider participation.
  • 1.       The Sustainability Zone Committee ensures the wider participation of those who cannot afford full gym memberships by introducing Pay As You Go membership for the 2016/2017 academic year.
    2.       The Sports Zone Committee encourage this participation and enabling of more budget restricted students in using the university’s gym facilities, especially in introducing more classes and allowing greater online access to view/book to support the Pay As You Go system, also by 2016/2017.
    3.       In particular, those responsible for Student Wellbeing and Equality in the Sustainability Zone Committee, and Participation in the Sports Zone Committee as well as students using the new membership, continually work together on this proposal, by communicating the strengths/weaknesses with its implementation to ensure constant improvement throughout its duration.