Policy on quorum and decision making (1516P3)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Decision Making

Passed: 12/10/2015 | Lapsed: 19/10/2015

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

    Within our membership, we have two substantial populations of students studying health-related fields.
  • These students often undertake placement as a required component of their study while at University.
  • These placements are not necessarily located within a trivial distance from the University campus.
  • The existing policies and rules on attendance at committees by part time officers do not take into account these special circumstances.
  • When Officers from Health Sciences and Medicine are unable to attend meetings, students from their faculty are poorly represented.”
  • It is important to make reasonable adjustments to our processes in order to ensure that student officers who are unable to attend meetings due to compulsory placement are not penalised.
  • That students on placement may be unable to attend any committees for a finite period of time, and this can cause issues with quoracy of decision-making bodies.
  • That the use of deputies or some similar process would be an ineffective answer to this particular issue.
  • That it is important for our decision-making bodies to reach quoracy in order to make binding and democratic decisions.
  • It is important that students are fully represented even when their representative is unable to attend meetings due to placement commitments.
  • That student officers on placement shall be removed from the quoracy of any decision-making body of which they are a member for the duration of the placement as long as they have sent timely apologies for each meeting of that body.
  • That in the event that student officers on placement are able to attend a particular meeting, they shall be included in quoracy as usual.
  • That the VP DCI take the lead on creating guidance and operational rules for the implementation of this policy.
  • 2. That the VP DCI take the lead on looking at ways to ensure continued representation when officers are unable to attend meetings due to placement commitment.