Offer December graduation to all Masters students (1516P32)

Status: Active | Zone: Education

Passed: 02/08/2016 | Lapses: 01/07/2018

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • 1.       The majority of postgraduate students are international students from different countries, especially Asia.
    2.       Only a few courses have the opportunity to graduate in December, and most students will instead have to graduate in July 2017.
    3.       International students are likely to need to reapply for visas to come to the UK, which will be expensive.
    4.       This will also be extra expenses such as accommodation, transportation cost, graduation cost, time and energy.
    5.       Many Masters students will also pursue full time work after completing their degrees, and therefore it’s not just the expense, but also the availability in terms of time that will matter as well. 
  • 1.       These reasons might cause many students to miss their graduation and discourage them from attending it.
    2.       Offering postgraduate students the option of graduating in December would be beneficial and would help them to attend the graduation event. 
  • 1.       The Union should lobby the University to provide postgraduate students with the option of December graduation.
  • 1.       The Vice-President Education to carry out the Resolves.