5-day Cinema (1516P41)

Status: Active | Zone: Creative Industries

Passed: 06/06/2016 | Lapses: 01/07/2018

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • Union Films is the Students’ Union cinema run by students on behalf of all members of the Students’ Union.
    That Union Films is a nationally recognised and award-winning cinema film society. A recent survey of several hundred customers praised the current service, film selection, special events and prices that Union Films offers.
    That Union Films allows student volunteers to be involved with all aspects of the running of the cinema, including selling tickets and refreshments, design and distribution of publicity materials, and projection of the film itself.
    The renovations in the Cube have provided Union Films with comfortable seating at the cost of a lower capacity.
    Union Films is currently a 3-day cinema and is a 4 day cinema every 2 weeks by operating every other Thursday also.

  • That providing a student-run purpose-built cinema facility is one of the unique selling points of the University of Southampton and its Students’ Union.
    That the cinema provides a professional cinema experience at an attractive price for members of the Students’ Union compared to other cinemas within Southampton.
    The new seating will have increased customer demand at Union Films and its volunteer base.
    Union Films should be able to screen on as many days of the week as possible to cope with demand.
    Our members would be better served by a 5-day operation of Union Films.
    Our societies would be better served by a 5-day operation of Union Films due to their society screenings.
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  • The VP Democracy and Creative Industries should support in principle a transition to a 5-day cinema via both direct support as well as modifications to processes such as Block Cube bookings to allow for 5-day running of Union Films for the start of the 2016/2017 academic year.
    That, pending the outcome of the current Democracy Review plans, this matter also be considered by the Operations and Services Forum next academic year (2016/2017) to ensure adequate support for Union Films activities.