Enhancing SUSU Volunteering (1516P8)

Status: Active | Zone: Democracy

Passed: 16/08/2016 | Lapses: 01/07/2018

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • 1.       That student volunteer feedback is essential to the development of the Union’s offer to volunteers.
    2.       That it is important to be transparent about developments that result from student volunteer feedback.
  • 1.       To create an action plan in response to the feedback of the Union’s student volunteers, to include:
    ·         the development of clear links between voluntary roles and their associated zones;
    ·         promotion of voluntary roles as making a difference to the lives of students;
    ·         a review of the existing content of the SUSU website and ‘Opportunity Profiles’ as a source of information about voluntary roles;
    ·         a review of the existing ‘Your Skills’ offer and promotion;
    ·         a review of the existing ‘How To’ content and promotion;
    ·         clarification and improved promotion of the existing mechanisms for informal support to volunteers;
    ·         a review of ‘Rule 10 – Discipline and Recall of Union Officers’ to extend its scope to include recognition, praise and Union Officer resignation.
    2.       To create a Code of Conduct for student volunteers undertaking roles within the Union; to include:
    ·         mandating current volunteers to be available as a point of contact to inform prospective volunteers about their role;
    ·         a compulsory handover to their successor;
    ·         compulsory attendance at (or ‘prompt’ apologies to) relevant Union and University meetings.
  • 1.       The VP DCI to lead on the implementation of this policy.