Each year a team of students is elected to lead your Students' Union, setting the agenda for the activities that the Students' Union does over the next academic year.

5 Sabbaticals

Sabbaticals are paid positions responsible for overseeing the policy and activity zones, and setting the direction for the Students' Union each academic year. They oversee and support the Student Leaders and other voluntary officers in their roles throughout the year.

27 Student Leaders

Student Leaders are responsible for running and representing specific groups within the Students' Union. These range from faculty groups to the media groups to international and postgraduate students. Some roles, such as the Postgraduate Officer, are only open to students within that specific group.

4 Student Trustees

The Trustee roles are voluntary, unpaid positions. The officers in this role will be entrusted, together with other trustees, overall responsibility for the work that the Students' Union undertakes. They focus on the strategic direction of the Students' Union, ensuring that the Union creates and implements strategies that meet its objectives.

12 Senators

Union Senators are elected to reflect the different student bodies that make up the membership of the Students' Union. Any current student at the University of Southampton can become a member of Senate and represent the overall student body on the issues debated at Senate.


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Corin Holloway

Corin Holloway

Vice President Activities

Avila Chidume

Avila Chidume

Vice President Education and Democracy

Sam Tweedle

Sam Tweedle

Vice President Sports

Nicole Akuezumba

Nicole Akuezumba

Vice President Welfare and Community

Student Leaders

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  • Joanne Lisney

    Arts and Humanities Faculty Officer

  • Thomas Wardle

    Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Research Officer

  • Daniel Akhter Hussain

    Athletic Union Officer

  • Gabriel Stirling

    Avenue Officer

  • Kitty McNeill

    Boldrewood Officer

  • Aimee Orchel

    Disabilities Officer

  • Adrian Azzarelli-Bonnardel

    Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer

  • Andrei- Dascalu

    Engineering and Physical Sciences Postgraduate Research Officer

  • Christoforos Pais

    Enterprise Officer

  • Renee Johnson

    Environment and Life Sciences Faculty Officer

  • Paddy Deegan

    Halls Officer

  • Kareem Hussein

    International Students' Officer

  • Anna Stausberg

    Joint Honours Officer

  • Amamchukwu Azike

    LGBT+ Officer

  • James Woodward

    Medical Society President

  • Calvin De Louche

    Medicine Faculty Officer (MedSoc Vice President)

  • Hugh Warden

    Performing Arts Officer

  • Thomas Usher

    SUSUtv Station Manager

  • Ria Dunn

    Social Sciences Faculty Officer

  • Marie Schlenker

    Sports Participation Officer

  • William Hough

    Surge Radio Station Manager

  • Charlotte Trewick

    Sustainability Officer

  • Morgan McMillan

    The Edge Editor

  • Liam MacDonald

    Union Films Cinema Manager

  • Chrystalla Christoforou

    Volunteering and Fundraising Officer

  • Dr Khan

    Wellbeing Officer

  • Linnea Lagerstedt

    Wessex Scene Editor

Student Trustees

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  • Olivia George

    Student Trustee

  • Nathaniel Ogunniyi

    Student Trustee

  • Rishi-Nayan Varodaria

    Student Trustee

  • James Williams

    Student Trustee


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  • Fiona Sunderland

    Chair of Senate

  • Aycha Ates-Di Adamo


  • Ahmet Aydogan


  • Victoria Babeau


  • Harry Bull


  • Jan B├╝rmann


  • Savanna Cutts


  • Nick Hillier


  • Alamea John


  • Wilson Odek


  • Bilaal Rashid


  • Jianan Zhang