Each year a team of students is elected to lead your Students' Union, setting the agenda for the activities that the Students' Union does over the next academic year.

5 Sabbaticals

Sabbaticals are paid positions responsible for overseeing the policy and activity zones, and setting the direction for the Students' Union each academic year. They oversee and support the Student Leaders and other voluntary officers in their roles throughout the year.

34 Student Leaders

Student Leaders are responsible for running and representing specific groups within the Students' Union. These range from faculty groups to the media groups to international and postgraduate students. Some roles, such as the Postgraduate Officer, are only open to students within that specific group.

4 Student Trustees

The Trustee roles are voluntary, unpaid positions. The officers in this role will be entrusted, together with other trustees, overall responsibility for the work that the Students' Union undertakes. They focus on the strategic direction of the Students' Union, ensuring that the Union creates and implements strategies that meet its objectives.

14 Senators

Union Senators are elected to reflect the different student bodies that make up the membership of the Students' Union. Any current student at the University of Southampton can become a member of Senate and represent the overall student body on the issues debated at Senate.


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Student Leaders

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  • Benjamin Dolbear

    Arts and Humanities Faculty Officer

  • Thomas Walker

    Athletic Union Officer

  • Corin Holloway

    Clubs and Societies Officer

  • Charlotte Colombo

    Community & Volunteering Officer

  • Angeles Camacho Rosales

    Education Zone Student Group Representative

  • Abhinav Aggarwal

    Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer

  • Michael Carter

    Environment and Life Sciences Faculty Officer

  • Fleur MacInnes

    Equality & Diversity Officer

  • Lucy Stephenson

    Ethics and Environment Officer

  • Benjamin Shaw

    External Engagement Zone Student Groups Rep

  • Iason Koulas

    Halls Officer

  • Chira Tochia

    Housing Officer

  • Dominika Jedrzejewska

    International Students' Officer

  • James Franks

    Intra-Mural Officer

  • Swathy Sanjay Kumar Sindhu

    Joint Honours Officer

  • Kunal Namjoshi

    Medical Society President

  • David Hendry

    Medicine Faculty Officer (MedSoc Vice President)

  • Lauren Coffin

    National Oceanography Centre (Site) Officer

  • Charlotte Samways

    Nightline Officer

  • Isaac Treuherz

    Performing Arts Officer

  • Zixuan Lin

    Postgraduate (Taught) Students Officer

  • Janane Rajamohan

    RAG President

  • Benjamin McQuigg

    SUSUtv Station Manager

  • Adrian Li

    Social Sciences Faculty Officer

  • Anisha Patel

    Sports Participation Officer

  • Maryam Malakoutikhah

    Student Communities Zone Student Group Representative

  • Lifang He

    Student Enterprise Officer

  • David Stanley

    Student Life Zone Student Group Representative

  • Polly Marquis

    Surge Radio Station Manager

  • Thea Hartman

    The Edge Editor

  • Alexander Petrov

    Union Films Cinema Manager

  • Emily Whelan

    Wellbeing Officer

  • Ivan Morris Poxton

    Wessex Scene Editor

  • Venezia Georgieva

    Winchester Campus President

Student Trustees

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  • Samir Doshi

    Student Trustee

  • Oliver Jackson

    Student Trustee

  • Katja Stout

    Student Trustee

  • Ned Williams

    Student Trustee


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  • Thomas Radford

    Chair of Senate

  • Charlotte Colombo

    Senate Representative - External Engagment Zone

  • Arvin De Vera

    Senate Representative - Student Communities Zone

  • Zoe Booth

    Senate Representative - Sustainability

  • Adrian Li

    Senate Representative- Education Zone

  • Isaac Treuherz

    Senate Representative-Creative Industries Zone

  • Zakaria Al Shmaly


  • Amalia-Andreea Cojocar


  • Katy Davies


  • Channing Eady-Gately


  • Joel Jordan


  • Galyna Mandra


  • Katja Stout


  • Nazrin Wilkinson