Arun Aggarwal

Arun Aggarwal

About the Role

The VP Student Communities is a diverse and challenging role, working with and supporting activities at our satellite campuses, including: Winchester School of Art; National Oceanography Centre and Southampton General Hospital. You will be responsible for supporting our different student communities: Postgraduate; International and Mature students, as well as leading and supporting our JCR Committees in Halls and Private Rented accommodation.


  • Work with and support activities at our sites and satellite campuses (Winchester School of Art, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton General Hospital, and others)
  • Represent, support and amplify the voices of students from hard to reach groups, including: international students; postgraduate students; mature students and student parents
  • Lead and support our JCR Committees in Halls and Private Rented accomodation
  • Represent, support and amplify the voices of students with protected characteristics, as illustrated through equal rights legislation
  • Create community and social cohesion between these groups of students

Plans and Progress

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