The Full-Time Officers and Student Leaders of the Union are grouped within Zones, reflecting the wide range of student experiences at University. Each Zone also has Open Places available for students elected at the start of the academic year, including one place reserved for first years, and all of our Student Groups are associated to a Zone relevant to their own aims.

Each of the Zones meet regularly to discuss new ideas for activities and events, and to look at developing the Union’s stance or approach to University, local, national and international issues. Zone meetings are well publicised and open to all, so you are welcome to attend to find out more or to put your own ideas forward. The Zones also consider ideas put forward through You Make Change, so if you can’t attend a Zone meeting, feel free to post your idea there.

More detail on each zone is given below

Creative Industries

The purpose of the Creative Industries Zone is to further the student experience in media and the arts, whilst ensuring the development of content for the wider body. This is a place where creative experiences will be produced, promoted and appreciated.

The Creative Industries zone is responsible for developing and supporting:

  • Performing Arts
  • Student led media
  • Student led film production and cinema
  • Visual Arts
  • Written Arts


The purpose of the Democracy Zone is to allow our members to equally participate in the running of the Union, including the proposal and development of decisions.

The Democracy zone is responsible for developing and supporting:

  • The Constitution
  • Union Elections
  • Student Group principles and affiliations
  • Decision making process


The purpose of the Education Zone is to understand issues, develop policy and campaigns, and share best practice relating to the student academic experience.

The Education zone is responsible for developing and supporting:

  • Faculty representation systems
  • Lobbying on University wide educational policy issues
  • Lobbying on national educational policy issues

External Engagement

The purpose of the External Engagement Zone is to enable our members to create a positive impact on both the University and wider external communities.

The External Engagement zone is responsible for developing and supporting:

  • Student led fundraising
  • Student Enterprise activity
  • Social Enterprise activity
  • Community Action and volunteering
  • External Community engagement

Sports Development

The purpose of all the Sports Development Zone is to enable our members to enjoy sport at all levels and to unlock the potential of every one of our athletes.

The Sports Development zone is responsible for developing and supporting:

  • Elite and competitive sport
  • Participation in sport

Student Communities

The purpose of the Student Communities Zone is to represent the interests and amplify the voice of our different student communities.

The Student Communities zone is responsible for developing and supporting:

  • International students
  • Post Graduate students
  • Halls Committees
  • Students at sites
  • Diversity campaigns and culture

Student Life

The purpose of the Student Life Zone is to tackle the issues that affect students' everyday life, creating support structures and campaigning for a better quality of life.

The Student Life zone is responsible for developing and supporting:

  • Peer to Peer groups, including Nightline
  • Housing campaigns
  • Student Financial Support
  • Student health


The purpose of the Sustainability Zone is to ensure a balance of social, environmental and economic development within SUSU and for our members.

The Sustainability zone is responsible for developing and supporting:

  • Students' Wellbeing
  • Ethical and environmental campaigns and culture
  • Equality campaigns and culture
  • Employability of our members