Hi, I'm Evie Reilly and I'm your Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries responsible for this zone.

The purpose of the Democracy Zone is to allow our members to equally participate in the running of the Union, including the proposal and development of decisions.

What does the zone do?

  • Decision Making
    Explains fully how the members of the Union can shape their Union, and encourage active participation in the decision making processes.
  • Elections
    Promotes, organises and implements elections throughout the year.
  • Student Groups
    Carries out a thorough review of all Student Groups in the Union, ensuring all Groups are following correct democratic processes.
  • The Constitution
    Ensures that the Constitution is up to date and easily accessible to all members.
  • Transparency
    Ensures that all democratic processes responsible for decision making in SUSU are clear and easily accessible to all members.

What do you want to change?

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What's going on?

Officers in the Democracy Zone

  • Emily Dawes
    Union President
  • Samuel Dedman
    Vice President Education
  • Corin Holloway
    Clubs and Societies Officer
  • Thomas Radford
    Chair of Senate
  • Evie Reilly
    Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries
  • Ned Williams
    Democracy Zone Open Place