Hi, I'm Isabella Camilleri and I'm your Vice President Welfare responsible for this zone.

The purpose of the Sustainability Zone is to ensure a balance of social, environmental and economic development within SUSU and for our members.

What does the zone do?

  • Employability
    Improve the employability of our members by providing support and activities to improve employability skills.
  • Environmental
    Aspires to make the Union a leading Union on environmental action and campaigning.
  • Equality
    Promotes an accepting culture with a student body who is receptive to issues in equality and who engage in these in a positive way.
  • Ethical Culture
    Promotes ethical behaviour through various projects, including holding the Union, the University and local businesses to account on their progress in championing fair and ethical practise.

What do you want to change?

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What's going on?

Officers in the Sustainability Zone

  • Zoe Booth
    Open Place Member
  • Isabella Camilleri
    Vice President Welfare
  • Yanna Alexia Fidai
    Open Place Member
  • Zoe Gough
    Open Place Member
  • Emily Harrison
    Vice President Student Communities
  • Laura Jeffers
    Open Place Member
  • Fleur MacInnes
    Equality & Diversity Officer
  • Lucy Stephenson
    Ethical & Environmental Officer
  • Ned Williams
    Open Place Member