Hi, I'm Evie Reilly and I'm your Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries responsible for this zone.

The purpose of the Creative Industries Zone is to further the student experience in media and the arts, whilst ensuring the development of content for the wider body. This is a place where creative experiences will be produced, promoted and appreciated.

What does the zone do?

  • Creative Writing & Visual Arts
    Supports the artistic output of students with a variety of creative talents in literature, art and design, and encourages the appreciation of art.
  • Film & Cinema
    Promotes the fantastic value, wide variety of screenings and special events that Union Films provide whilst providing a platform for students to gain filmmaking skills and produce their own output.
  • Performing Arts
    Promotes the Performing Arts by encouraging spectatorship, active participation in and the creation of high quality, entertaining performances.
  • Student Led Media
    Enables an output for the production of broadcast, radio and print media for the information and enjoyment of the student body.

What do you want to change?

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What's going on?

Officers in the Creative Industries Zone

  • Phoebe Armstrong
    Theatrical Societies' Representative
  • Jasmine Cross
    Dance Societies' Representative
  • Emily Dawes
    Union President
  • Christopher Gotts
    Theatrical Societies' Representative
  • Thea Hartman
    The Edge Editor
  • Edina Iacob
    Creative Industries Zone Open Place
  • Oliver Johnson
    Creative Industries Zone Open Place
  • Polly Marquis
    SURGE Station Manager
  • Benjamin McQuigg
    SUSUtv Station Manager
  • Ivan Morris Poxton
    Wessex Scene Editor
  • Nick Ong
    Creative Industries Zone Open Place
  • Alexander Petrov
    Union Films Cinema Manager
  • Evie Reilly
    Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries
  • Fiona Sunderland
    Music Societies' Representative
  • Isaac Treuherz
    Performing Arts Officer
  • Fleur Elizabeth Walsh
    Vice President Engagement