Hi, I'm Samuel Dedman and I'm your Vice President Education responsible for this zone.

The purpose of the Education Zone is to understand issues, develop policy and campaigns, and share best practice relating to the student academic experience.

What does the zone do?

  • Course Community
    Develops and promotes a vibrant academic community on campus,
  • National Education Policy
    Ensures that it is kept up to date with the national policy issues.
  • Representation
    Provides excellent student representation in partnership with the University to provide feedback and be included in decision-making.
  • University Educational Policy
    Works closely with the University and encourage more communication between students and the University.
  • University Quality
    With the University, creates a constantly progressive and modern learning experiences that allows students to tailor their degree to suit them.

What do you want to change?

Something you'd like to change? Got an idea for something you think we should be doing? Want to make a difference? Submit your idea below!

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What's going on?

Officers in the Education Zone

  • Abhinav Aggarwal
    Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer
  • Angeles Camacho Rosales
    Education Zone Student Group Representative
  • Michael Carter
    Environment and Life Sciences Faculty Officer
  • Samuel Dedman
    Vice President Education
  • Benjamin Dolbear
    Arts and Humanities Faculty Officer
  • Ria Dunn
    Education Zone Open Place
  • Alessandro Daniele Genuardi Oquendo
    Education Zone Open Place
  • Evelyn Hayes
    Education Zone Open Place
  • David Hendry
    Medicine Faculty Officer (MedSoc Vice President)
  • Joel Jordan
    Education Zone Open Place
  • Adrian Li
    Social Sciences Faculty Officer
  • Manting Lian
    Education Zone Open Place
  • Khaled Merheb
    Education Zone Open Place
  • Parth Pandya
    Education Zone Open Place
  • Evie Reilly
    Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries
  • Swathy Sanjay Kumar Sindhu
    Joint Honours Officer
  • Zemin Su
    Education Zone Open Place