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Welcome to Highfield Halls!

As one of the smaller halls of residence we provide a tight-knit community that easily feels like a second home. Highfield is a part catered halls; breakfast and dinner will be provided on weekdays, brunch on Saturdays, and a roast lunch on Sundays. Highfield Halls is conveniently situated within thirty seconds (approximately) walking distance of Avenue Campus and is well connected to the rest of Southampton due to the nearby bus stop(s) and short walk to Highfield Campus. Another key feature includes the common room, which holds a pool table, a ping pong table, a TV set and an array of seating. Alternatively there is the old bar area on the ground floor, which is a smaller seating area with a TV and playstation. The computer room on the third floor is also a useful space for printing essays or for using as a study area. The quad area in the centre of the halls complex features picnic benches as another area to relax or study.

Your Highfield Halls committee is made up of current Highfield residents who will continue to fulfil these roles for the remainder of 2017. The new Committee would like to thank last years Halls Committee for their excellent work, as we wish to emulate their legacy.This years halls committee consists of Vikram Jain (Halls President), Amy Miller (Halls Secretary),Tom Spreadbury (Halls Fundraising and Volunteering Officer), Alice Ovens (Welfare and Campaigns Officer), Saskia Key (Events and Activities Officer), James Austin (Sports Officer) and Chris Coles (Communities Officer).

There are plans for future events as we near Easter and Exams and we hope to see as many Highfield Residents there as possible. Furthermore, the team are very excited for and looking forward to Freshers Week at the start of the new academic year (2017/18) and will work to support Freshers and ease their transition into student life. The Committee will organise events to help new residents to socialise, familiarise themselves with the Hall and make new friends. We expect Pizza & Movie nights, Barbecues and providing a Bouncy Castle for the day are likely, but any and all ideas from current residents are welcome.

This Years Committee

All student groups within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Highfield Halls this year are:

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