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Add rentable lockers on campus

Provide lockers on campus that can be rented for the term or year. This will help students who live afar and bring a lot to campus with them each day - books, gym gear, bike gear, etc. Also will give students the ability to leave things on campus in a secure location instead of carting everything each day. Will also likely free up locker space at Jubilee and people won't leave their things in the gym lockers throughout the day. 

Submitted on Tuesday 27th November 2018


Hello Georgia, 

Thanks for this You Make Change, and apologies that it has taken so long to reply to. The good news is that in a meeting with the Library earlier this week this came up in our conversation, and I can confirm that they are being actively looked into! This goes alongside Laptop Lockers and a few other study amenities which should be making their way to our campuses soon. 

Apologies again for this You Make Change taking so long to reply to, but hopefully the above reassures you that work is ongoing. I'm going to mark this as completed for now as things are in progress, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch on the contact details below. 

Best wishes, 

Sam Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19, 

Friday 14th Jun 2019 1:46pm

Hi Georgia,

Thanks so much for this You Make Change suggestion! I am currently looking at the possibility of lockers on campus after recieving a similar YMC earlier this year. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions via!

All the best,

Fleur Elizabeth Walsh

VP Engagement 

Monday 3rd Dec 2018 2:59pm


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    Friday 30th Nov 2018 1:15pm


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