Why is the a la carte menu not available in The Bridge in the evenings?

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 6th December 2018


I seem to recall it used to be the case that it was available - when was this change made and why?


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Emily Harrison submitted on

Tuesday 18th December 2018


Hi there,

Thank you for your You Make Change submission.

I've spoken with our catering manager and they have informed me that the change was made  towards the end of 2016/ Jan 2017. The change was made as we do not have chefs here in the evening, as they are onyl contracted to work in the day and therefore we do not have the skillset to be able to deliver the a la carte menu. We did used to train up our team leaders who ha dbeen here for several years to be able to deliver it, however they have subsequently left and we found that there was not enough people ordering from the a la carte menu in the evenings to warrant training more people.

I hope this makes sense.

Many thanks,

Emily Harrison,

VP Student Communities, 2018-19.