How much did Hampton Square pay for endorsement on the SUSU facebook page?

Anonymous submitted on

Sunday 24th February 2019


The SUSU facebook page has released a series of posts endorsing the Hampton Square private halls. Whilst these are not marked as sponsored posts, common sense dictates that these are paid-for posts.

As such, how much was paid for these promotions and endorsements of a private company?

Moreover, do you think it is ethical to endorse external companies without indicating that they are sponsored posts?


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Steve Gore submitted on

Friday 1st March 2019


Hi anon,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Unfortunately due to the confidentiality of our contract with Hampton Square it would be unprofessional for us to disclose the exact amount of the value of our deal, however all of our sponsorship prices are available publicly online in our media pack that can be found here: Although we do receive income from these sponsored posts, any surplus that the Students' Union makes is reinvested into our charitable activities including grants for student activities, our support services such as the advice center and safety bus, and our campaigns and projects to name but a few examples.

With regards to your suggestion around highlighting which posts are sponsored, we also received an email from a student at a similar time to the submission of this You Make Change and have since pledged to make sure that all our paid advertisements are clearly indicated as such, so this lack of clarity won't happen again moving forwards.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports and Acting President.