Can you promote Olio?

Timothy Daulby submitted on

Thursday 14th March 2019


I just found out about OLIO and it's such a great idea, but uptake is poor in Southampton.

As a Union that sets out to be sustainable, helping students to reduce food waste by encouraging sharing of unwanted food through this established platform is a great idea.

Is there a way to promote this?


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Isabella Camilleri submitted on

Thursday 25th April 2019


Hi Timothy, 

Thank you for your submission. I love Olio and have it downloaded on my phone, totally agree that there is currently poor uptake in Southampton which is a real shame!

I will share it on my Facebook and also under the 'sustainability life hacks' section of the sustainability page for the website that we are currently developing. 

Best wishes, 

Isabella Camilleri 

VP Welfare

University of Southampton Students' Union